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MoRA : TSP Design Competition

Aim & Objectives

The South Pacific (TSP) seeks a unified design language across its various government bodies. This includes a standard font and colour palette which can be used in posts by the Cabinet, Assembly, High Court, etcetera.

Application & Target Audience

These logos will be applied to all official posts and correspondences issued by their respective authorities. The logos will largely appeal to a domestic audience with regular updates from government bodies. They shall also be used abroad in foreign embassies and in the NationStates Gameplay forum (NSGP).

Design Brief

There are no limits to the number of designs an individual can submit. They may choose to enter one submission or, if they so desire, twenty-eight.

Submissions should:

  • have dimensions of no less than 100 pixels in height and no more than 800 pixels in width;

  • have a transparent background;

  • utilise a readable font which should be free to use (please also provide the name of the font(s) when submitting the entry); and

  • be submitted in both raster and SVG form.

In particular, submissions should include one logo each for the following government bodies:

  • The Cabinet

    • Ministry of Regional Affairs

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Ministry of Military Affairs

  • Delegate

  • Local Council

  • Legislator Committee

  • Chair of the Assembly

  • High Court

  • Council on Regional Security

Entrants are advised to use the following colour codes (provided in the following spoiler) as a guideline for their designs.

Please consult the LinkCharter (constitution of TSP) for information as to the responsibilities of these bodies. Alternatively, entrants may message a government official who will be more than happy to detail their various functions.

Please note that all submissions should exclude any material, images, iconography, or symbols that are copyright protected. Similarly, submissions should only use fonts which are free to use.


Please telegram the Minister of Regional Affairs Beepee with the submission. This can come in the form of a link to an Imgur album, a link to a Google Docs, or a NationStates dispatch with the submission as the content of that dispatch. There is no set way to do this. Entrants may choose to include a detailed presentation explaining their design choices or they may simply feature the designs themselves. It is ultimately up to the entrant.

The submissions will be collected at the end of the submission period and a forum poll will be conducted to determine the winning entry.


This competition is open to entrants of any region.


Submission period: 4-21 March 2019
Voting period: 22-27 March 2019


The winning entrant shall receive an official commendation by TSP's Ministry of Regional Affairs. Should the entrant have an account on TSP's regional forum and/or Discord server, they shall be placed in a special mask for a period of one year as a display of the region's gratitude. In addition, when a currency system is implemented on TSP's regional forum, the entrant will receive a significant payment.