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The 2019 CCS Coup D'état

2019 Coalition of Conservative States Coup D'état

FCN soldiers preparing for the coup.
Image by Creeperopolis and Doge Republics

February 19, 2019

The Coalition of Conservative States

The United Australian States, known as New baghdad, infiltrated the CCS on behalf of the FCN. Due to stress, Crimsonfield, known as Kalnorad, gave up control, to which UAS gave over control to Doge Republics and Gagium.

Coup Succeeded




- Banned from CCS
- Account surrendered

The 2019 Coalition of Conservative States Coup D'état, or the 2019 CCS Coup D'état for short, was a coup led by The United Australian States and was supported by the cabinet of the FCN against Crimsonfield and the CCS cabinet.


See the 2018 Federation of Conservative Nations Coup D'état Attempt and the 2018 Union of Conservative Nations Coup D'état.


The Coalition of Conservative States was founded on February 9, 2019, by Kalnorad. Immediately, Gagium and Doge Republics suspected that Kalnorad was actually Crimsonfield attempting to revive the Union of Conservative States. The large growth of the region was extremely notable, thus FCN puppets were sent into the region to spy on Crimsonfield. Around the same time, The United Australian States contacted Gagium regarding the CCS. He told Gagium that he suspected that Kalnorad was Crimsonfield, affirming Doge Republic's and Gagium's suspicions, since someone else had picked up on the possibility that Kalnorad is Cimsonfield. He agreed to join the FCN in an operation to overthrow the CCS. Through the puppets, we found out that a spy was sent to the FCN, Devary, who failed miserably at obtaining valuable information to the CCS using a puppet. Eventually, Crimsonfield, claiming that she was stressed about various things, handed over the account to the United Australian States while he was undercover as New baghdad. Immediately the UAS handed over the account (Kalnorad) to the FCN and everyone in the CCS was banned. The CCS has since been under FCN control.

Written by Doge Republics and Creeperopolis.