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FCN RP (1845, Gunpowder & Sail) History

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History: The area now known as New Waldensia was originally inhabited by an array of wild, northern tribes. In the early 1200s, a religious movement led by Peter Waldo swept through several of the mountainous tribes, leading them to reject paganism and embrace the Waldensian faith.

Over the next three hundred years, there was much conflict in the region, as Waldensian believers spread and became persecuted minorities among several of the other tribes. This came to a head in 1537, when the Great Waldensian War broke out. The core Waldensian clans (now the principalities of Waldensia and Arnaud) were the target of a coordinated invasion that nearly achieved the destruction of the Waldensian forces. However, the key battle of RorÓ was a decisive victory for the Waldensians, who managed to shatter the main enemy force despite being outnumbered. Over the next year, the Waldensians successfully fended off another invasion and launched a campaign that obliterated the opposition forces and brought much of the region under their control. In 1539, the victorious Waldensians forced the other tribes to sign the Treaty of Luserna, which established religious liberty and surrendered control to the Waldensian tribes.

Over the next three hundred years, New Waldensia (to differentiate from the principality of Waldensia, the core origin area of the faith) expanded from the mountainous regions to reach the sea. A civil war in Hussia rocked the country in 1721, as well as 1844 (continuing to this day between Hussia/Venalda and Waldensia/Arnaud/Toulode).

Government: New Waldensia is subdivided into five principalities, each governed by a hereditary Prince. These in turn lead the Council of Nobles, which governs the nation at large. Each prince receives 1/3rd of the taxes collected in their province, and are responsible for maintaining their portion of the army and militia.


Chiefs and Princes of Arnaud:

    Chief Henri Arnaud I: 1228-1257
    Chief Pepric Arnaud: 1257-1284
    16 chiefs between 1284 and 1535
    Chief Francois Arnaud: 1521-1535
    Chief Henri Arnaud III: 1535-1539
    Prince Henri Arnaud IV: 1539-1557
    Prince Pierre Arnaud I: 1557-1571
    Prince Jean-Pierre Arnaud: 1571-1579
    Prince Guilleme Arnaud: 1579-1600
    Prince Paolo Arnaud: 1600-1627
    Prince Louis Arnaud: 1627-1638
    Prince Henri Arnaud V: 1638-1652
    Prince Jean-Paul Grenbal: 1652-1654 (Grenbal coup)
    Prince Alfonso Grenbal: 1654-1659
    Prince Gabriel Arnaud: 1659-1683 (House of Arnaud restored)
    Prince Pierre Arnaud II: 1683-1699
    Prince Francis Arnaud: 1699-1716
    Prince Charles Arnaud I: 1716-1762
    Prince Victor Arnaud: 1762-1766
    Prince Henri Arnaud VI: 1766-1788
    Prince Charles Arnaud II: 1788-1801
    Prince Philip Arnaud I: 1801-1809
    Prince Philip Arnaud II: 1809-1831
    Prince Henri Arnaud VII, 1831-1845 (current age: 44)

Chiefs and Princes of Hussia:

    Chief John d'Hussi: 1201-1245
    Chief Vincent d'Hussi: 1245-1261
    19 chiefs between 1261 and 1559
    Chief Jean-Claude Hussi I: 1559-1564
    Prince Jean-Claude Hussi I: 1564-1569
    Prince Jakob Hussi: 1569-1573
    Prince Carl-Philippe Hussi: 1573-1580
    Prince Jacques Hussi III: 1580-1599
    Prince Pierre Gustave Hussi: 1599-1611
    Prince Jacques Hussi IV: 1611-1613
    Prince Jean-Pierre d'Hussi Menard: 1613-1620
    Prince Maurice d'Hussi Menard: 1620-1636
    Prince Armand-Joseph d'Hussi Menard: 1636-1641
    Prince Carl-Emmanuel Hussi: 1641-1684
    Prince Maximilien Hussi I: 1684-1696
    Prince Eugene Joseph Hussi: 1696-1719
    Prince Alphonse Hussi: 1719-1727
    Prince Leon d'Hussi Venault: 1727-1733
    Prince Marc Louis Hussi: 1733-1752
    Prince Jean-Claude Hussi II: 1752-1779
    Prince Maximilien Hussi II: 1779-1791
    Prince Maximilien Hussi III: 1791-1833
    Prince Jacques Hussi V, 1833-1845 (current age: 34)

Chiefs and Princes of Toulode:

    Chief Eoarl Vintryd: 1241-1259
    Chief Thorvik Vintryd: 1259-1277
    12 chiefs between 1277 and 1549)
    Chief Karl Olaf Wilmnet: 1549-1560
    Prince Karl Olaf Wilmnet: 1560-1564
    Prince Erik Wilmnet: 1564-1584
    Prince Harald Wilmnet I: 1584-1603
    Prince Harald Wilmnet II: 1603-1627
    Prince Sven Wilmnet Ingevard: 1627-1638
    Prince Kristofer Ingevard: 1638-1655
    Prince Fridrick Ingevard: 1655-1659
    Prince Vilhelm Ingevard Mortenson: 1659-1661
    Prince Otto Ranglik: 1661-1662
    Prince Niels Varding: 1662-1700
    Prince Edmund Varding: 1700-1718
    Prince Albert Varding: 1718-1737
    Prince Eric Varding I: 1737-1755
    Prince Eric Varding II: 1755-1756
    Prince Hans Trynvik I: 1756-1788
    Prince Gustav Trynvik: 1788-1810
    Prince Hans Trynvik: 1810-1823
    Prince Karl Trynvik, 1823-1845 (current age: 52)

Chiefs and Princes of Venalda:

    Chief Don Vivara: 1269-1285
    Chief Francis Vivara: 1285-1300
    17 chiefs between 1300 and 1588
    Chief Carlos Machente: 1588-1593
    Prince Carlos Machente: 1593-1601
    Prince Juan Pierre Machente: 1601-1629
    Prince Pierre-Josef Machente: 1629-1658
    Prince Nicolas Domarno: 1658-1681
    Prince Marcos Domarno I: 1681-1708
    Prince Marcos Domarno II: 1708-1722
    Prince Stephan Domarno: 1722-1740
    Prince Felipe Domarno: 1740-1766
    Prince Luis Rodrigo: 1766-1780
    Prince Diego Rodrigo I: 1780-1802
    Prince Diego Rodrigo II: 1802-1837
    Prince Diego Rodrigo III, 1837-1845 (current age: 37)

Chiefs and Princes of Waldensia:

    Chief Peter Waldo: 1219-1238
    Chief Hughbert Waldo: 1238-1261
    14 chiefs between 1261 and 1523
    Chief Peter Waldo III: 1523-1539
    Prince: Peter Waldo III: 1539-1557
    Prince Harold Waldo I: 1557-1572
    Prince Cedric Waldo: 1572-1588
    Prince Hans Waldo: 1588-1601
    Prince Edward Waldo: 1601-1615
    Prince Vincent Waldo I: 1615-1632
    Prince Philip Waldo: 1632-1639
    Prince Isaac Waldo: 1639-1651
    Prince John-Jacob Waldo: 1651-1682
    Prince Hugh Waldo: 1682-1691
    Prince Fitzhugh Waldo: 1691-1709
    Prince Peter Waldo IV: 1709-1727
    Prince George Waldo I: 1727-1752
    Prince Titus Waldo: 1752-1761
    Prince George Waldo II: 1761-1777
    Prince Harold Waldo II: 1777-1779
    Prince Vincent Waldo II: 1779-1803
    Prince Peter Waldo V: 1803-1822
    Prince Peter Waldo VI: 1822-1835
    Prince Josiah Waldo, 1835-1845 (current age: 29)

Grand Princes of New Waldensia (6-year term)

    1538-1544: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo III)
    1544-1550: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo III)
    1550-1556: Prince of Arnaud (Henri Arnaud IV)
    1556-1562: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo III: 1556-1557, Harold Waldo I: 1557-1562) - Toulode added to confederation
    1562-1568: Prince of Toulode (Karl Olaf Wilmnet: 1562-1564, Erik Wilmnet: 1564-1568) - Hussia added to confederation
    1568-1574: Prince of Waldensia (Harold Waldo: 1568-1572, Cedric Waldo: 1572-1574)
    1574-1580: Prince of Hussia (Carl-Philippe Hussi: 1574-1580, Jacques Hussi III: 1580)
    1580-1586: Prince of Arnaud (Guilleme Arnaud)
    1586-1592: Prince of Waldensia (Cedric Waldo: 1586-1588, Hans Waldo: 1588-1592)
    1592-1598: Prince of Hussia (Jacques Hussi III) - Venalda added to confederation
    1598-1604: Prince of Waldensia (Hans Waldo: 1598-1601, Edward Waldo: 1601-1604)
    1604-1610: Prince of Arnaud (Paolo Arnaud)
    1610-1616: Prince of Venalda (Juan Pierre Machente) - major plague (1612)
    1616-1622: Prince of Waldensia (Vincent Waldo I)
    1622-1628: Prince of Waldensia (Vincent Waldo I)
    1628-1634: Prince of Toulode (Sven Wilmnet Ingevard)
    1634-1640: Prince of Hussia (Maurice d'Hussi Menard: 1634-1636, Armand-Joseph d'Hussi Menard: 1636-1640)
    1640-1646: Prince of Waldensia (Isaac Waldo)
    1646-1652: Prince of Arnaud (Henri Arnaud V)
    1652-1658: Prince of Arnaud (Jean-Paul Grenbal: 1652-1654, Alfonso Grenbal: 1654-1658) - foreign invasion repelled (1656)
    1658-1664: Prince of Hussia (Carl-Emmanuel Hussi)
    1664-1670: Prince of Waldensia (John-Jacob Waldo)
    1670-1676: Prince of Venalda (Nicolas Domarno)
    1676-1682: Prince of Arnaud (Gabriel Arnaud)
    1682-1688: Prince of Waldensia (Hugh Waldo)
    1688-1694: Prince of Hussia (Maximilien Hussi I)
    1694-1700: Prince of Toulode (Niels Varding)
    1700-1706: Prince of Waldensia (Fitzhugh Waldo)
    1706-1712: Prince of Waldensia (Fitzhugh Waldo: 1706-1709, George Waldo I: 1709-1712)
    1712-1718: Prince of Hussia (Eugene Joseph Hussi)
    1718-1724: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo IV) - revolt in Hussia
    1724-1730: Prince of Arnaud (Charles Arnaud I)
    1730-1736: Prince of Venalda (Stephan Domarno)
    1736-1742: Prince of Hussia (Marc Louis Hussi)
    1742-1748: Prince of Waldensia (George Waldo I)
    1748-1754: Prince of Waldensia (George Waldo I: 1748-1752, Titus Waldo: 1752-1754)
    1754-1760: Prince of Waldensia (Titus Waldo) - major smallpox epidemic (1755-1756)
    1760-1766: Prince of Toulode (Hans Trynvik I)
    1766-1772: Prince of Waldensia (George Waldo II)
    1772-1778: Prince of Venalda (Luis Rodrigo)
    1778-1784: Prince of Arnaud (Henri Arnaud VI)
    1784-1790: Prince of Waldensia (Vincent Waldo II)
    1790-1796: Prince of Venalda (Diego Rodrigo I)
    1796-1802: Prince of Venalda (Diego Rodrigo I)
    1802-1808: Prince of Hussia (Maximilien Hussi III)
    1808-1814: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo V)
    1814-1820: Prince of Hussia (Maximilien Hussi III)
    1820-1826: Prince of Waldensia (Peter Waldo V: 1820-1822, Peter Waldo VI: 1822-1826)
    1826-1832: Prince of Arnaud (Philip Arnaud II: 1826-1831, Henri Arnaud VII: 1831-1832)
    1832-1838: Prince of Hussia (Maximilien Hussi III: 1832-1833, Jacques Hussi V: 1833-1838)
    1838-1844: Prince of Waldensia (Josiah Waldo)
    1844-1850: Prince of Waldensia (Josiah Waldo) - revolt in Hussia and Venalda (1844)