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The Final Horseman/Argentigrad Manifesto

Who are we?

The Final Horseman:
6+ years of experience on NS
Ambassador to Antifa: 26 June 2018 - Present
Ambassador to The Communist Bloc: 26 June 2018 - 27 February 2019
Minister of Defence: 18 April - 25 October 2017
Minister of WA Affairs: 17 June - 13 August 2018
Minister of Recruitment: 8 January 2018 - Present
Senator: 14 December 2018 - Present

Argentigrad: I joined NationStates in June of 2018 and immediately laid my eyes on TLA; the friendliness of the people there and the idea of a virtual government run by real people amazed me, so I moved my nation there. I couldnít have chosen better.
I spent the first 3 months as a normal citizen, having joined right after elections ended, and then nominated for Senator. I wrote a rather short manifesto with the limited experience that I had, and somehow got elected.
At the time of my first term as Senator I was finishing high school, so I didn't have a whole lot of free time, and most of what I did consisted of learning, giving advice when needed and engaging with the community as much as possible. In that time I also revised the idea of a Minister of Culture, an idea which is now implemented in our proposal for the Minister of NationStates Affairs, where we merge the two positions together.
Then the December elections came about. I was still thinking of implementing a MoC, and now I had enough knowledge to give it a solid base; that turned out to be much harder that I thought. I spent the whole term trying to come up with ideas so it wouldn't fail, and I think I finally got it. In that time I also worked closely with Llorens, learning from him how to make the Census, discussing important regional matters regularly and giving and taking advice when needed. I also wrote an amendment for the Legislative Process Act, the Voting Period amendment, which establishes a time limit for all GA votes as to keep from going on for days on end.

What are our goals?

Power to the PM!:
The position of Prime Minister has always been a largely important role in TLA, especially in times of crisis. However, as Dawtainia pointed out in their manifesto, historically Secretaries and Prime Ministers have shared a platform for what they wish to accomplish in their term. Argentigrad and I both have things we would like to accomplish, and rather than have there be one long line of shared agendas over the course of the term, we hope to speed up the process by divvying up the work to get as much done in this term as possible.

A place for your art:
As Secretary I intend to expand on the TLA art program that I introduced last term. The program thus far consists of the Resource Bundle, and the TLA College of Design. One of my goals this term, if elected, will be to increase membership to the College of Design, and to further add onto the Resource Bundle.

Preserving our history:
This term Iíd also like to introduce an inter-regional historical society to member regions of the NSLeft. The history of how we got to where we are today is very important, and new members to the community should be able to experience that history. In TLA we have already taken it upon ourselves to record a fair deal of our own history, with Cedoriaís history project, Llorenís diligent work on NSIndex, and even the work of previous Ministers of Recruitment in recording the regionís population via the NationStates Tracker. Even with all of this though, there is still so much more that can be done. For starters Iíve compiled a list of Historical RMB Activity, which can and will be expanded upon. The goal of the list itself will be to detail significant periods of time and moments that have shaped our region, and our allies regions, into what they are today. Iíll be requesting the help of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in finding members from the inter-regional NSLeft community to assist in expanding the list, and perhaps detailing their accounts from significant periods. The preservation of history is not always the easiest task, but a vital one by any stretch.

Legislating and perfecting the MoNSA position:
This term we will seek to properly legislate the position of Minister of NationStates Affairs. The MoNSA will be held by two individuals who will share the position. The sharing of the position will allow for the work to be split up between the two ensuring that the ministryís role can be as efficient as possible. The MoNSAís main purpose will be to organize regional, and inter-regional, events such as the census and the Culture Competitions. Other duties will include maintaining the NSIndex for the region, and creating polls on topics of public interest along with WA/SC proposals with the intention of sparking discussion among TLAís citizenry.

Improved communication:
This term we would like to try and make a real effort toward communicating with TLAís citizens what the GA is doing. Our region is a representative democracy and its members have a right to know what its government's plans are. This term we will implement a legislative queue that will be completely open to the public so to present clear objectives for this General Assembly and encourage newer players to take a look at the legislative side of TLA.

The Cryptocracy of The Final Horseman