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Political Test Results for Kronova
LinkThe Political Compass

LinkGermanic Efficiency - Most Kronovans meet this description. While foreigners often accuse them of being humorless, Kronovans make up for it in pure drive to excel.

LinkMinnesota Nice - A good way of describing most Kronovans' everyday manners. Growing up, they are taught to be polite unless the other individual gives them no other options.

LinkSugar and Ice Personality - Kronovans, especially rural Kronovans, are often this way with strangers before they get to know them.

LinkNeat Freak - Many foreigners see Kronovans as this. Even when unorganized, Kronovans rarely tolerate living in dirt or squalor. Public improvement initiatives and volunteering opportunities are present year-round.

LinkSoapbox Sadie - Many other nations see Kronova as this, constantly agitating over issues of class and rights to different utilities. Kronovans that go abroad are stereotyped as this by many foreigners.

LinkAccentuate the Negative - One of the biggest stereotypes concerning Kronovans is their cynicism. Kronova's own national motto, "It is right to question," is a reflection of the very critical, cynical nature that society often takes on.

LinkCommie Land - Somewhat subverted. Shortages of food and consumer goods were common early in the history of the Republic, but once the Kronovan economy stabilized things got much better. Also no secret police or big brother-like institutions. Also no population-wide dependence on vodka as the trope often implies, even if Kronovans do like their Dohuka. And while Kronova’s love of brutalism is influenced by my own, there are plenty of public parks and squares preventing the bleakness implied by the trope from occuring either.

LinkCrusading Lawyer - The stereotype for lawyers working within Kronova's legal system. Lawyers in Kronovan media are depicted as morally upright crusaders, always striving for justice and truth in all things.

LinkPropaganda Machine - Subverted. The government technically runs the country’s media and press (save Party media), but a great deal of freedom is offered in terms of what is allowed to be published. Opinion pieces and even government-critical material are perfectly permissible for publication.

LinkThe Trains Run on Time - Mostly averted. While most of Kronova's institutions run efficiently as a matter of national pride, very rarely is it because someone is under threat of harm as a result.

LinkJust the First Citizen - Mildly applies to the Premier. Likely holding more power than any other individual in the nation, the office is considered to be all responsibility and no frills. As they serve ten-year terms, Premiers are the closest thing to a long-term public leader Kronovans have, and a good one symbolizes everything right with the nation (wheras bad ones tend to be impeached).

LinkThe Republic - Kronova is this in the growing political hegemony with the newly socialist states of Chalia. They are the most advanced of those states, having achieved total economic autarky prior to the wars that tore the region apart.

LinkVast Bureaucracy - Partially true. Since Kronova's economy is split between various Departments under the Presidium or divisions under the Communist Party, many bigger purchases require a lot of paperwork. There are some elements of bureaucratic inefficiency in the everyday life of Kronovans, but rarely will it reach such a point as to seriously impact someone's existence.

LinkMedia Watchdog - Kronovans in much of the country tend to be conservative, so the state-run media will screen material of all forms to ensure it is not too offensive for its target audience. Of course, not all content is required to meet the same standards, but television or radio produced for general consumption is required to be very mild. Generally, themes of violence are more permissible than sex, but neither are overtly shown very often.

LinkAll Elections Are Serious Business - Even to the lowest town councils, Kronovans take their elections and obligations to vote very seriously. Although any and all candidates must be members of the Communist Party, candidates the Party approves of can and do engage in limited campaigning and broadcasted debates. Even children's groups such as Youth Pioneer Leagues will have very spirited elections for leadership positions. There is no such thing as an unimportant election in Kronova.

LinkChummy Commies - Kronova as a country has been somewhat cagey due to foreign threats, but has become increasingly open as time passes. Kronovan students are taught to be friends of children of all nations, and in general Kronovans are polite, tidy, and courteous.

LinkMandatory Motherhood - Mostly Averted. Kronovan women are heavily encouraged to wed and have children early on in adulthood, but there exists no legal obligation. Indeed, the state provides grants and free daycare to mothers, allowing them to continue with their lives and careers without interruption.

LinkPatriotic Fervor - Kronovans are raised from an early age to be loyal to the state and the Communist Party. Time serving in the military reserves or civilian police serves to further engender feelings of patriotic duty, and by the time they reach adulthood, more Kronovans than not express a strong patriotic jingo. A long history of invasion and occupation by foreign powers mixed with this means many are untrusting of foreigners, but this is slowly eroding.

LinkBadass Beard - Many Kronovan men sport big, bushy beards fitting with this trope.

LinkBlack Market - Kronova is largely self sufficient, but some black market networks can be found in the country, largely run by members of the Bright subculture. Most goods smuggled in include foreign media and non perishable foods (like liquor).

LinkMartyrdom Culture - In times of war, the military will often take the names of those who have died and use their stories to promote morale in the ranks. Those who die are immortalized at home and nationally, leading to something of a Martyrdom Culture.

LinkMusic is Politics - A wide gulf exists between state-sponsored music and more underground scenes. State created music is written to be expressive, programmatic, and harmonious, often drawing from elements of traditional Kronovan folk music. Meanwhile, more underground musical scenes (like that of the Smokestack Kids subculture) tends to be more dissonant, and relies more heavily on sound editing and electronics. Association with one or the other says a lot about one's social and political stances.

LinkBut Liquor is Quicker - As Kronovans tend to be more reserved and conservative socially, alcohol is often used as social lubricant when they want to relax and do something they'll regret later. From clubs in the city to pubs in the country, Kronovans everywhere go to have a few drinks before dancing, singing, or attempting to go home with someone else.

LinkI Love Nuclear Power - The largest single source of electricity in Kronova are its nuclear plants, and many Kronovans dedicate their lives to working as nuclear engineers. Kronovans respect the atom for its contributions, and a good deal of Kronovan art and aesthetics pay tribute to it.

LinkSmoking is Cool - Kronovan Public Health initiatives have repeatedly attempted to stamp out smoking and demand for cigarettes in Kronova, to no avail. Indeed, to some extent, government disapproval has made smoking attractive and cool to younger Kronovans, especially Smokestack Kids. Smoking is predominantly associated with urban blue-collar workers, and those in more conservative, rural areas see it as an unhygienic practice.

LinkNot That There's Anything Wrong With That - Most Kronovan's view on alternate sexualities. Homosexuality or bisexuality are not condemned or reviled, but rather simply seen as social quirks.

LinkReal Women Have Curves - A commonly held belief in most of rural Kronova. This applies to men as well - heavier men and women are seen as more attractive due to their ability to keep their partners warm and "eat well."

LinkFreedom From Choice - True to an extent. Most central distribution depots only have a few varieties of the same product, not near the same amount of variety in capitalist countries.

LinkYour Normal is Our Taboo - Kronovans dress more conservatively than most other groups, and are less likely to talk about sex openly.

LinkCorrespondence Course - Many Kronovans are enrolled in such courses, living in rural areas but acquiring knowledge sets from a larger university some distance away. The invention of the internet has made these far more widespread and effective.

LinkSchool Clubs are Serious Business - Youth Pioneer Organizations and other clubs for school age children are regarded very solemnly by Kronovans. They are seen as vital tools in teaching children socialization skills and other knowledge sets.

LinkSchool Festival - School Festivals play a big part in the Kronovan educational system. As there are no long school breaks, the festivals at the beginning and end of semesters provides a fair amount of respite for students.

LinkSchool Uniforms are the New Black - Kronovan schoolchildren are provided with free uniforms by the state, and it is commonplace for them to wear them outside the context of school as well. As a result, they can often be easily identified around the town.

LinkCollege Radio - Many Kronovan universities maintain their own radio stations, to broadcast popular music and messages from the institution itself to its citizens. Those students chosen to run it are also given some time to run their own (pre-approved) content, ranging from interviews with local politicians to reviews on newly released art or books.

LinkShop Class - Many Kronovan schools have such facilities to promote industrial learning for students on track to work blue collar occupations.

LinkBest Beer Ever - Most Kronovan forms of alcohol are flavored with honey or spices, making them taste very good to the palate. As a result, they often elicit this reaction.

LinkCity People Eat Sushi - Many uniquely Kronovan forms of food, such as zapiekanka, were invented in urban areas as a response to shortages. Foreign food is also much more likely to be found here. This contrasts with rural areas, which largely have been eating the same foods for centuries. As a result, people in rural areas tend to feel this way about urban areas.

LinkDrinking Game - Common in Kronova. Pubs are common places for communities to spend free time, and during the winter such games are commonly played to pass the time as snowbanks pile up outside. Kronovans take their drinking game rules very seriously, save when they're drunk enough to not care.

LinkLibations for the Dead - Commonplace for Kronovan funerals. Mourners will toast with the deceased's favorite beverage, and some are even cremated with a bottle of their favorite drink.

LinkGrandma's Recipe - Many Kronovans have recipes passed down through the generations that they specialize in preparing. Many in urban areas come from the era of early centralization, where the twists that make them special now once arose from goods shortages. Meanwhile, in rural areas, many take pride in preparing dishes like beef stroganoff as their ancestors did for centuries.

LinkHash House Lingo - Utilized in many Kronovan urban areas. Restaurants here take on countless customers every day, meaning that some shortcuts have to be made. This manifested itself in a sort of code language being developed, allowing employees to quickly convey orders.

LinkMagic Mushroom - Mushroom picking is a common pastime in rural Kronova. Many are perfectly safe to eat, many are poisonous, and many are safe to consume but produce hallucinogenic effects on the senses. Nuuk peoples consumed these for centuries for spiritual purposes, and young people today will sometimes eat them for recreational ones.

LinkThe Lost Woods - How most Kronovans see the forested, unpopulated parts of Kronova, especially rural town dwellers on the edge of the nation’s many forests. A great deal of traditional Kovac and Nuuk lore revolve around the mystery and majesty of the woods, which only intensified as they combined.

LinkThe Fair Folk - Many Kronovans see these as the inhabitants of the country's deepest, wildest places.

LinkCool, Clear Water - Kronova's many lakes and rivers are seen as this, seasonally swelling in size from melting of winter snow on its mountainsides. While bacteria are still present and filtering of water is recommended, the nation's sparkling waters are a point of national pride.

LinkCity of Weirdos - How rural Kronovans stereotypically see the southern, urban centers. Cities are big, busy places, where it is easy to get lost and no one bothers to learn each others names, as far as the rural areas of the country are concerned.

LinkQuirky Town - Likewise, many urban dwellers see rural areas as this. Small towns are provincial and conservative, surrounded by dangerous wilderness and filled with inane gossip. There is nothing to do and nothing to see here, so say city-dwellers.

LinkCountry Cousin - A personified stereotype urban dwellers use to sometimes mock rural Kronovans. Jokes beginning with "My cousin from the country..." often joke that rural people are simple-minded or naive while also being close-minded and conservative.

LinkCorrupt Church - How Kronovans see the Chalian Apostolic Church. As it was used as an instrument of political rule during the Chalian Occupation, Kronovans now view organized religious as synonymous with corruption and oppression.

LinkThe Empire - The Old Chalarian Empire, which drove countless Kovac from their homeland in Radula to Kronova, which eventually resulted in Kronova’s founding and existence as a mixed-cultural people. They forcibly located countless Kovac and resettled their own people in Radula, attempted to force their religion on everyone, etc.

LinkFantasy Counterpart Culture - I hate to simplify it like this, but here’s the basic breakdown for all the nations to give you a better idea. Kronova - Slavic/Nordic; Radula - Nordic; Chiserand - Anglo-Saxon/Celtic; Mosse’ - France; Sabin - Austria/Switzerland; Cavalia - Italy/Spain.

LinkForeign Ruling Class - The Chalians were this during the centuries between the Chalian Crusades and the Kronovan Revolution.