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Endotarting Guide

Ham’s Hippity Happy Endotarting Guide

•What is Endotarting?
~Endotarting is endorsing another nation hoping they endorse you back. It is usually accompanied by sending a telegram asking for an endorsement back.

•How do I Endotart?
~First you will need to join the World assembly at page=un
~ Next you should endorse our Pharaoh Anabelle I (click on the nation and then scroll down)
~Lastly you go to page=list_nations/region=osiris?censusid=66 and slowly endorse more nations each day. You can also send a telegram asking for the return endorsement! Here is a sample one

Hello! Could you please endorse me back. Thanks in advance!

~If you want to get even more then 45 endorsements, apply for citizenship Linkhere and you can have even more

•Why is this Important?
~When you receive an endorsement your influence will grow faster. The higher amount of influence you have the harder it will be for someone to eject or ban you from the region. You could be the key to stopping a hostile government member.