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Easter Eggs I've Answered

According to the trophy on my nation page, I've gotten 9 Easter Egg issues. Thanks to Monitor/Sherpa, I've been able to obtain the list of 8 exact issues I've answered, since I wasn't forward thinking enough to record them when I got them earlier in my history. According to the site, there's 9, but they could only find 8, and my memory is so terrible I can't remember which of the non-listed ones I actually answered. Oh well!

Apparently the disparity between the eggs I've answered and the ones listed backstage I received is due to a bug. So it's official that I've answered 8 9 10 11 Easter Eggs. Thanks to Monitor for finding the issues for me and to Luna for figuring out the bug I was affected with and fixing it. So now my trophy badge count is correct. WOOT!

*EDIT: I have since answered another easter egg, the Say No to E. This brings my total up to 9. epic.
**EDIT: Just got another one! I'm now up to 10, and now the only ones left are the ones which nobody knows how to get still. Oh well!
***EDIT: Never mind, we finally figured out how to get #80. We're now only 2 away from perfection ;)

This is just for self-reference. No need to read this if you're not me.

622: "Easter Egg: A Holiday Masquerade"
430: "Easter Egg: Please, Sir, We Want Some More Issues"
215: "Easter Egg: What's Your Favourite Colour?"
77: "World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary"
375: "Easter Egg: Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms!"
471: "Easter Egg: Red Sleigh Down"
408: "Easter Egg: Pony Peril"
1122: "Easter Egg: Just Say No to E"
78: "Easter Egg: Should We Pull The Lever?"
266: "Easter Egg: Breaching the Great Fourth Wall of @@NAME@@"
80: "Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement"

This means I have several Easter Eggs I for sure have never gotten.

223: "Easter Egg: Zombie Attack!"
256: "Easter Egg: Suburbs Are Out Of This World"

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