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Project: Death Fart

-In Accordance with Proclamation No. 1281-

Above Fig: Chemical Weapons facility in Bulakan, The Filippinas

In accordance with the Chemical Weapons Proclamation signed by the President, the Armed Forces of The Filippinas must take and uphold responsibility on the construction, use, and maintenance of the Chemical Weapons and Facilities that are currently being built and produced. The decision of the use of Chemical Weapons must always be passed down to the Commander-and-Chief, Who is the duly elected President.

Above Fig: Chemical Weapons storage in (CLASSIFIED), The Filippinas

Chemical Weapons are allowed, in the proclamation, to be used against enemies of the state, Regardless of a possible high human death toll. However, It is forbidden to be used against CIVILIAN targets.

The Proclamation states that The filippinas can Only hold about 450 tons Chemical Weapons in its storage. Exceeding it is forbidden.

Civilian use is strictly forbidden.

The aim of Project: Death Fart is to reach the maximum of 450 tons of Chemical Weapons. And research possible upgrades and improvements to the aformentioned Chemical Weapons.


Fabiyan Ver

-Chief of Staff-

The filippinas