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Proclamation No. 1281: Production of Chemical Weapons

Proclamation No. 1281
-February 27, 2019

-His Excellency-
President Fazer of The Republic of The Filippinas

My fellow countrymen, I now speak to you as of the 27th day of this month. I have signed Proclamation No. 1281, officially announcing a formal start on the Research and Production of Chemical Weapons in The filippinas.

I have Proclaimed the start of Chemical Weapons Production in accordance with the powers invested in the Presidency by the Constitution of The filippinas.

I have signed this law because, as many of you all know, there have been multiple Security concerns that are both domestic and foreign related.

With this policy enacted, we can potentially eliminate those threats that have crippled our country for decades. Now, that action must go first to the executive branch.

But the final decision, of course, must always be picked by the People for as I, your duly elected President of the Republic, Must be constitutional. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution states that: "The Prime Duty of the Government is to Serve and Protect the People."

And I assure you all, that these weapons are only for use for DEFENSIVE measures against AGGRESSIVE actions committed by an insurgent or foreign enemy.

I must state that I am legally allowed, by the Constitution, to enact such policy. The Constitution specifies that:"The Head of State and Government, who is the President and Commander-in-Chief, is allowed by Law, to enact or enforce certain policies regarding Defense during possible or current insurrections, rebellions, invasions, etc."

Recognizing that Chemical Weapons are WMDs, I will assure you all that I will act wisely, professionally, and in the best interest of The Philipino People.

And with that, I am ending this speech with hopes of a fruitful and peaceful Filippinas.


Fabiyan Ver

-Chief of Staff-

The filippinas