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Edition I
Issue IV

"I have got a Party"

Since the newly elected Parliament has taken place, politcal parties have been formed. The first party established is the Federation Party, created by MP Suvmia (District 2). The party is and quote "built on the foundation of mutual respect for our region mates, a respect for the systems of democracy, and to protect the values that have been enshrined by the former Ascendancy Federation upon which our great region was built." The party is center aligned.

The second party established in TUA, is the Republican Party, created by Fishing Perch. The party is and quote "built on the principles of republicanism. We uphold civil liberties, popular sovereignty, limited government, and putting the region’s interests first." The party is center to center-right aligned.

The third party established in TUA, is the People's Party, created by MP Laudesia (District 4) during his time in Uniterra. The party is and quote "a right-leaning, libertarian party, we seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy. We are skeptics of authority, primarily centralized power, while we believe it should exist, we believe it should be checked consistently." So technically this is the oldest party in The United Ascendancy since it stems from the old Conservative Party in the former Uniterra. The party is center-right aligned.

Conflict in Senate

Conflicts in the Senate

New Western Atlantic is experiencing significant tension amongst leaders and citizens over a controversial Senate reform that will shake up the way their legislature is elected. This comes as part of a raft of changes from the merger agreement with Norden, which was formalised on 8 February (you can read the previous article on that here).

The current government system includes a 25-seat legislature, called the Senate, which is divided into 10 and 15 seats in groups known as Class I and Class II respectively. Each of these ‘Classes’ alternate in elections every three months, allowing each member to serve a six-month term before facing voters once more. The system also uses proportional voting, which, although it slightly distorts votes by only electing half of the legislature at any one time, is generally representative of the electorate.

One of the measures within the Norden agreement is to increase the Senate size to 30 seats, while abolishing the Classes in favour of a more simple system of all seats being contestable at each election. King UDR has the authority to regulate and organize elections, including the number of seats in the Senate, and so it is ultimately within their jurisdiction to decide on and implement these changes. Regardless of this, it was relatively uncontroversial when initially proposed as most residents saw the need to expand their government to accommodate for more interested individuals.

However, as revealed by Senator Communaccord in a simulation of the previous election using the proposed method, only 24 of the 30 seats will be elected using the current proportional method. The remaining 6 will be distributed in a 3-2-1 fashion to the parties with the most, second most, and third most votes respectively. The intention of this is to improve the possibility of majority governments, avoiding complicated and tense coalition-forming periods that can confuse citizens and parties alike. King UDR said that “it incentivizes winning”. It appears most individuals were not aware that this was in the plan in the first place.

Opponents were quick to speak up against the proposal. Solborg, the former founder of Norden and proposed future Delegate of NWA, claimed that “it’s less democratic because it leads to unfair results” and “it only incentivizes ‘winning’ among the top two”, referring to the Activist and Constructive parties.

In response to that, UDR conceded that the proposal was indeed a “compromise” to appease those wishing to retain the current system, but insisted that the proposal was fair and encouraged parties to perform well in elections.

We all have now to see where does the matter goes,and how long does it takes peace to find a home in TWA.

Incredible India

Incredible India

Last week,we covered the region of India.We revealed a torn out economy and political system of the region.
The region was struck in Internal Conflict,restoration program and what not.

But to our surprise thing were uograded to a great extent in just a week."It was really unbelievable for me,the last time I logged in,all I could see was 68 RMB posts where nations were condemning each other and telegram section full of surveys,goal settings,etc.But when I logged in yesterday,I was like,my mouth was wide open,how the region was upgraded in just a week,leaving all old conflicts behind",says one of their residents.

The region of India went through some major changes such as

1.A new Citizenship System

2.A new Constitution

3.A new Parliament House

And all these in just a week."It is the real India that I want to see",quoted another resident.

It seems India has now decided to no more mourn on its probelms and show the world it's worth and what it's made up of.

As per residents,much of the credit goes to their WA Delegate,Hindu Puri and their Foreign Minister,Hindu Mahasabha

It is very inspiring to see such a supersonic development in India.Such developments would inspire other war-struck regions to work out their issues.

Conspiracy against the Democrats

Recently,a regional newspaper of Scath blamed Republic of Rajputana for spying on them.They have claimed that a mysterious nation "The informer to be his puppet and warn Union of Democrats,to expect a raid from them.

We got close to Rajputana who has been targeted,"Ok so the first thing that they say is that,I was the only one who knew about their spy operation,so when the information leaked,they blamed me,I ask them why don't they check their own region for a spy?Why don't they check their other allies?And is there any proof that The Informer is controlled by me?A direct proof?like me accepting that he's my puppet or something like that?As far as Informer is concerned I too got a warning message of a raid from him.It seems me and our region are only targeted because we are Democratic."

When we asked him about the discord,he said,"Well they made a fancy video but they forgot to insert clear pictures,which two accounts are alleged to be one?"

It is hard to believe,that a nation of such a high respect can ever do any harm,he is credited to establish,G 20,an International forum,where leaders from other regions come and discuss politics and regional cooperation.Not only that he is credited to have helped other regions diplomatically and also via resources to help them establish their region,like helping them with the recruitment telegram,dispatches,etc.

"They said I have multiple puppets like,Hindu Mahasabha,isn't it possible that he got their spy information from another source".
Also is is informed that their 'secret' discord server has tons of other nations as well,everyone linked with the chain.
At last we asked him,why does he suspect them of ruining his reputation,he said,"This is not the first time me and my region are targetted.We are democratic and neutral,we respect both fascists and anti-fascist,this is the thing they can't digest.Anyways if they are thinking to raid,I'd say try your small IQ and army on our region.We and our Union will continue to grow despite such cheap attempts to defame us".

Further,as per Rajputana,Scath themselves has a spy nation in their region from NPO called as North Udaipur,banned from the UOD.

Further the 2nd and last party,with whom Scath has claimed to carry iut the operation/investigationHindu Puri,too denied to have ties with Scath Instead he have condemed their newspaper and claims in his official dispatch.He reveales that he too is framed by Morriband.Seems like nowadays toddlers are playing with NationStates instead of their toys.Such an act of Character Assisination of WA Delegates of two regions,Foreign minister and officers of two regions,and spying on Farkasfalka with an offensive mindset,is condemned and must be looked after to keep NS pure from such cheap and scam people.

We have some images from Rajputana and Mahasabha to support our claims.

Just because Rajputana denied to reveal his spies' identity,he is blamed.

It seems that the newspaper report was more of a publicity stunt,just to prove how good spies they have,but it seems they have failed terribly at it."Seems like Scath is not a region,but a small Gucci Gang",says Edington,Foreign Minister,Union of Democrats.

All the parties,whom Scath claims to have collarodated with him,have denied their support,and condemned their dispatch,saying that Scath has no right to state their officiers are puppets or defame any other delegate.

Our mesaage to them is,"Don't play with the Democratic ones,they have the power to turn your dictatorship upside down".

The Office of The Newspaper Boy