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The President [UPDATED!]

Francisco H. Kingsley

Official Presidential Portrait

Mr. President

In office:
9/14/14—9/14/32, 7/21/36—Present

Preceded by: Victoria Lopez

Personal Details


9/28/80 (age 58) Santa Cruz, The Holy Utopian Republic



Political Party:



None (Divorced)




Valencia Institute of Politics and History
- Degree in History
- Degree in Political Science
- Degree in Economics



"¡Por honor y república!"
- Francisco Kingsley, Inauguration speech at Cresta del rey

The most popular President, and by far the most powerful. Their is a reason the 21st century is known as the Rise of Francisco Kingsley. His rise marked a dramatic shift in policy and ideology, through charisma and media support Kingsley is loved by his people. During his early presidency he was simply a member of the nations Conservative party and at first wasn't unlike past leaders. That is, until the 2015 Templar crisis. The Templar crisis would start with a religious coup in Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich. The HUR was one of the First Nations targeted by the Templars, and as a result thousands died through covert purges and kidnapping. Jason Kingsley would be hated for letting this happen, however he was able to defend himself and prove his loyalty to the people by successfully defending Peñaranda from Kampf Empire.

Early Life

Due to him being raised in Santa Cruz, he lived a more isolated early life. He was always one or two grades ahead of his peers, and as such didn't have many friends. His parents were both politicians and didn't bother to care for Francisco.

Rise in Politics

Francisco got his start in politics by using his parents connections. In 2008 Kingsley entered politics as the governor of Santa Cruz. His term as governor would be extremely prosperous for the state, with large public works projects being started and finished. After his extremely successful term Kingsley would run for President in 2014 and win.



  • Oligarchy
    The Utopian Oligarchs are a group of companies who hold large power in the government. Back when Francisco Kingsley staged his famous Honorite coup he needed support, and so he leaned on the nation’s largest companies. As a result, the current Honorite government is dominated by these corrupt oligarchs.

  • Revolutionary Containment Act

    Following the rise of multiple communist regimes across Valsora and recognizing the fact that the said regimes rose to power disturbingly quickly, the Congress of the HUR hear-by:

    A: Guarantees the sovereignty of all democratic nations on the continent Unistan.

    B: Will intervene in any communist uprising or invasion on the continent of Unistan in order to protect the HUR’s Democratic sphere of influence and to protect the sovereignty of the Unistani nations.

For & Against

  • For:
    1. Intervention
    2. Increased Militarization
    3. Democracy
    4. Fellow Hispanic nations
    5. Increased Imperialism

  • Against:
    1. Communism
    2. Far-left Organizations
    3. Anti-Catholic Organizations
    4. Dolphinism
    5. Monarchy

Personal Information

Francisco Kingsley is 58 years old and lives somewhat peacefully in The Confederate Mansion. He enjoys working for the people of The HUR, and feels humble about his job as President. (Or so he says :D)


“Unity Through Liberty”

“To Arms for Utopia”

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