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Armaments - Hydra 70 Rocket

[center][size=200][b][u]Hydra 70 Rocket[/size][/u]

[i]Hydra 70 Rockets in Pods[/i][/b][/center]
[b]Type[/b]: Rocket[hr]
[b]Place of origin[/b]: Port Ember[hr]
[b]In Service[/b]: 2003–present[hr]
[b]Manufacturer[/b]: Hydra Industries[hr]
[b]Produced[/b]: November 2003[hr]
[b]Mass[/b]: 6 kg[hr]
[b]Length[/b]: 1 m [hr]
[b]Diameter[/b]: 7 cm [hr]
[b]Effective firing range[/b]: 8+km[hr]
[b]Warhead[/b]: See warheads[hr]
[b]Detonation Mechanism[/b]: Impact[hr]
[b]Engine[/b]: Hydra Rocket Motor
[b]Guidance System[/b]: Unguided

The Hydra 70 is a unguided rocket launched from a rocket pod, designed to be mounted on helicopters. It is currently in use on the Hydra Black Eagle Helicopter. The rocket and pod is manufactured by Hydra Industries in The Republic of Port Ember. 

The rocket has been in service with the Port Ember Security Forces since 2003. 

Development on the rocket began in the early 2000's after an evaluation of area weapons for attack helicopters  showed that a rockets.

In 2000, the Port Emberian Ministry of Defence awarded development contracts to Hydra Industries. Further development and a production contract materialized in November 2002, and the missile was officially accepted into service in September 2003. 

The motor uses a new generation propellant which offers considerably more thrust than others, 1,415 pounds-force (6,290 N). The fins are curved to match the outside diameter of the rocket fuselage and flip sideways to open, which is referred to as WAFAR (Wrap-Around Fin Aerial Rocket) instead of FFAR (folding-fin aerial rocket). To improve stability during the time while the fins are still opening, the four motor nozzles have a slight cant angle to impart a spin while the rocket is still in the launch tube. 

The following warhead categories is produced:

Unitary warheads with impact-detonating fuzes.

Cargo warheads with air burst-range, with settable fuzes using the "wall-in-space" concept or fixed standoff fuzes.

Training warheads.