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Santander Guided Missile Destroyer

Santander Guided Missile Destroyer


Speed: 60 km per hour
Range: 9,500 km
Aircraft capacity: 2 (Helicopters only)
Weapons: 130mm Naval Gun
Close in Weapons System
Short range SAM
SAM launchers
Anti-ship missile launchers
Anti-submarine torpedoes
Land attack cruise missiles
Length: 180m
Weight: 18,000 tonnes
Beam: 20m


The Santander Guided Missile Destroyer is a common destroyer in the Puertollanoan military. Commissioned by President Castillo in 2019, it is named after Vice-President Santander, the first Vice-President of Puertollano and an ally of Simon Bolivar in his liberation war against the Spanish Empire.

Other armaments: electronic warfare systems, decoy launching system, anti-laser coatings of hull.


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