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by The Shogunate of Psunam. . 2,180 reads.

Max Barry you should host Meme Review.

Alright Max, we all know itís time to host meme review.

Upvote so max will notice!

Also spread the word!


As we know Max has not hosted Meme review, which is a shame. (Shame on you max). But letís stir up some hype by hosting a Meme review here ourselves.

To participate, Make a dispatch doing Meme reviews and try to get upvotes.

This shall hopefully stir up the Meme plague and begin to blow up the site with Meme review posts: Everyone, Letís do this!!

If I see your meme review, your name will be posted below:

Also Big shoutout to The meme plague for promoting this glorious movement.

Thanks for 10 upvotes!
Thanks for 50 Upvotes!
Thanks for 100 Upvotes!
Thanks for 200 Upvotes!
Wow we are at 300!

The Shogunate of Psunam