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Novus Lucidum Bank


The bank uses a third-party website designed for a classroom economy. The Chief Banker of the Novus Lucidum Bank has been given a greenlight by the website's creators to use their service for NationStates.

Overview [Top]

The Novus Lucidum Bank is a regional entity in the Novus Lucidum region established by its Ministry of Economy. Its main purpose is to provide financial service for international banking and to facilitate international trade for the nations within the region.

The currency produced by the bank is backed by a portion of all its member nations' GDP (currently at 1% of GDP per month).

Create an Account [Top]

  1. Go to and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Select "I'm a Student".

  2. Fill out the form with the required info.

    1. Teacher Pin: kXCDNNqd

    2. Username: your desired username

    3. First and Last Name: your nation's name(do not input any personal information)

Wait for the chief banker to verify your account. Once verified, you would be able to login.

What to do Next [Top]

Once your account has been verified, upload your nation's flag to your student profile and wait for your account to be funded.

When funds are available, you would be able to make wire transfers or purchase items from the ASSETS section.

Account Balance and Currency Production Allocation [Top]

Your account's initial balance will be 5% of your nation's GDP at the time the account was approved. Your account will also receive currency production allocation on a daily basis, based on your GDP on the 15th day of the previous month. Currently, currency production rate is at 1% of all member nations' GDP, after being approved by the Minister Of Economics.

You can also request your crafted and/or manufactured items to be posted at the ASSETS section, which will be available for everyone to purchase via Linkthis thread.

Once a nation makes a purchase on your items, your account will be credited of the sales, and manufacturing costs will be withdrawn. An SPN Link will be posted to your profile once you make a sale for you to see the invoice/sales receipts.

For more info, contact Chief Banker via RMB, TG, or the forums


As of February 8, 2019, nation Shreminov has been added back to the overall regional economic output of member nations.

Index remains at 1141.0475 as addition of a nation shouldn't affect the performance of the economy.

Full details can be accessed Linkhere.


Overall economy of nations registered at Novus Lucidum Bank grew by 6.02% in January 2019 compared to that December 2018's, data shows.

Nations New Nationale Einheit(+5.22%) and Odinburgh(+3.20%), two of the region's Big Four (top four economic giants together with Krimera and Anacodia) led the increase of the region's overall economy after adding $143.85 trillion and $105 trillion to their respective national economy.*

Nations Kalkvia(+168.11%) and Rainbowsix(+116.31%) meanwhile have been recognized to have the highest recorded economic growth rate during the month, though being challenged by new members Zestanja and Camas rinod, which each have shown a whooping 400% increase. Data however for the latter two were only available starting the last week of the month.


New Nationale Einheit(+$143.85 trillion)
Odinburgh (+$105.28 trillion)
Krimera(+$80.18 trillion)
Gothic Vandelia(+$66.67 trillion)
Greater Jes New Islands(+$56.62 trillion)


Kalkvia (168.11%)
Rainbowsix (+116.31%)
Coulington (+59.92%)
Paplem (+17.32%)
The greater midwest region (+15.13%)
Gothic Vandelia(+12.66%)

* Data based on recorded starting economy of nations obtained during update of national income, usually done during the first week of the month.

** Smaller nations tend to grow faster while larger nations tend to grow slower. Nations not listed have an increase of less than 10%.


Secured trade, a term used for purchases made by nations processed by the Novus Lucidum Bank, reports a record low in overall sales for the month of January compared to the previous month by -37.76% from $2.78 trillion to $1.73 trillion.

Forcasts for February, however, is set to an all-time high of approximately $12 trillion, a number that overwhelms experts across nations. The bank says their forcast is based on various events that happened in the past month, such as wars, economic and military alliances/pacts, and new technologies discovered and released such as anti-matter-powered space vehicles, and the emergence of multi-national corporations which is seen to help nations work together to develop more advanced technologies.

The bank also announces a slight delay of updating individual nations' accounts regarding income, however, promises to have it updated within the first week of the month, as usual.

-Mark Noble, CEO
Novus Lucidum Bank

Contact Us: Sacrosanct Group