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Application for Furby Island(1845 Gunpowder & Sail RP)

Full NationStates Name: The Republic of Furbish Islands
Full RP Name: The Republic of Furby Island
Starting Claim:

Red highlighted area in map below

Government Type: Multilevel federal constitutional multi-party parliamentary representative crowned liberal democracy
Head of State: King Wilhelm I
Head of Government: Prime Minister Elwood Sherris
Capital City: Furby City
Estimated Population: ~15 million
Two major groups first settled modern day Furby Island. White farmers settled in the north, while blacks settled everywhere else. The groups peacefully coexisted for centuries, although they did get into a few conflicts. Starting the mid 1700s, the United Federation began settling the islands. They left the whites in the north alone at first, but not the blacks. Towards the end of the century, the entire island chain was colonized. The whites did not mind the settlers, and they lived side by side, to the point that in a few decades most of the whites were of native and settler descent. The blacks did not like the United Federation settlers, and both groups fought wars against each other. In the south, the United Federation introduced slaves, who farmed cash crops. In 1805, the white settlers declared independence from the United Federation, and established the first republic. The government was unstable and was meant to be temporary, but whites in the north and rest of the island did not like each other. In 1810, a civil war broke out, which lasted five years. Both sides established a new constitution. For the next thirty years, they teamed up together to fight the natives, who wanted to kick out all whites from the islands.
Type: Free market
Development: Developing
Imports: cereals, horses
Exports: Sugarcane, fish, spices, cocoa, guano, cotton, tropical fruits
Nominal GDP: ~100 million
Nominal per capita: ~55
Military Strength
Priority: Mid-low
LinkM1842 Percussion Lock Musket(rifled barrel for certain troops)
% GDP: ~2%
Eligible Manpower: ~4 million
Active Troops:
~10 thousand army
~12 thousand navy
Reserve (Optional):
~50 thousand local militiamen