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The Government of The Socialist Syndicalist Union

This is the fourth government of the Socialist Syndicalist Union!

The Socialist Syndicalist Union's Executive government branch is to be referred to as the Syndicate Council. The regional Legislative branch is known as the Labourers' Congress. The state Judiciary branch is to be referred to as The Syndicate of Justice. All divisions are supervised by the Syndicate Overseer.

Oath of Allegiance: "I, (insert name), do swear to uphold the values of the Syndicate, the words of the Constitution and finally the will of the people."

The Syndicate Council:

Syndicate Overseer British Soviets

Vice Overseer Sugurania

Overseer of Media Nordic Republics

Overseer of Foreign Affairs Cela

Overseer of Interior Ukotrium

Overseer of Security North Ciet

The Labourers' Congress

General Secretary Lux Aurum

Members of Congress:

I. Ukotrium

II. Lux Aurum

III. North Ciet

IV. Cela

V. Sugurania

VI. Aditya Santhanam

VII. The Peasant-Cossack Socialist Union

VIII. Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia

IX. South Krimelski

X. North Ciet

XI. Godnumia Verblentaul

XII. Rakivland

XIII. Aeropo

XIV. Croslavia

XV. Lovaruxis Toplebezvi

XVI. Nordic Republics

XVII. Lothian and Fife