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Foreign Policy of TSSU

Before proposing the construction of embassies please make sure your representative region has met all the prerequisites and conditions listed below.

Ⅰ Your region must contain at least twenty unique, or non-puppet, nations.
Ⅱ Your region must not be a puppet storage region.
Ⅲ You mustn't hold a region that The Socialist Syndicalist Union is either at war or is very in opposition to.
IV Your region must not be tagged as Anti-Communist or Fascist.
V Lastly, your region must be able to send an official ambassador to our Discord Server.

After such requirements have been met you can notify a Server Moderator on Discord or the Secretary of State via Discord and/or telegrams about potential embassy construction. If this is accepted or denied, you are entitled to an explanation of why. Please note that Server Moderators do not give the right to construct embassies, they simply may get into contact with a lead official much quicker than you.

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