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by The Syndicalist Federation of British Soviets. . 247 reads.

The Constitution of the Socialist Syndicalist Union

We the People of the Socialist Syndicalist Union, in order to shape an adequate region, constitute political freedoms, ensure global sanctuary, kindle civil exchange of values, promote the acceptance of foreign morals, and warrant the blessings of autonomy to ourselves and our posterity, do consecrate and establish this Constitution for the Socialist Syndicalist Union.

Article I - The Bill of Rights
Section 1
Freedom to refuse tasks from the Union.

Section 2
Right to liberty and security of their nation.

Section 3
Right to be free from fascist influences, including nations that promote the ideals of fascism.

Section 4
Freedom of thought and moral sense.

Section 5
Freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Section 6
Right to the limitation of maximum working hours.

Section 7
Right to vote in regional elections.

Section 8
Right to equal and due process of the law.

Section 9
Freedom from ex post facto and corruption of blood or estate laws.

Section 10
Right to just, unbiased, punctual, and public hearings and judgment in all legal action.

Section 11
Freedom from self-accusation, and from being formally accused or tried for the same crime more than once after having been formerly discharge or sentenced.

Section 12
Right to be notified of the charges against them and the basis for their arrest or committal.

Section 13
Freedom from discrimination based on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic and social origin, genetic features, language, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Article II - The Syndicate Overseer
Section - 1

1.) The governmental office of the over of Union shall be given to the Founder, a Founder appointed Vice-Overseer or the WA Delegate in this line of succession.

2.) The Overseer of Union shall stay neutral during election terms publicly, regulate immigration, enforce regional law on official and endorsed forums, server, and pages of the Union, and maintain checks and balances between the three government departments.

Article III - The Syndicalist Council
Section - 1

1.) The executive authority shall be vested in the Overseer of the Socialist Syndicalist Union and the Representatives; a group of elected representatives from each Departmental Workers Union or DWUs. Representatives will hold his position in an interval of every four months, before being re-elected.

2.) The Syndicalist Council is headed by the Overseer and the Representatives. The Syndicalist Assembly shall consist of the Overseer of the Socialist Syndicalist Union, the DWU Representatives, as well as other Overseer or Representative approved civil servants.

3.) If a Syndicate (government) employee acts upon disorderly conduct and against NationStates, regional, and/or any endorsed forum or server of the Socialist Syndicalist Union extinction of said individual from the office they hold will begin immediately after they had a trail.

4.) A DWU Representative may select anyone within their DWU to be their vice without simple majority approval, however, the vice may not participate in the Syndicalist Council unless the current DWU Representative resigns. In the circumstance that a DWU Representative resigns during their term, their vice shall be assigned as the immediate replacement. In the incident that the position of vice-representative is empty, or the holder is unwilling to take the office, an election within the respective Union shall hold a leadership election.

5.) The Syndicalist Council is charged with the oversight of the welfare of the region. They may issue regional bans, contracts of war, and the endorsement of regions or organizations.

Section -2
1.) The Syndicalist Council shall organize and assemble once every week.

2.) There will be four DWUs, however, if more are required later on the DWU Representatives may request the creation of an additional DWU via the regionís legislative branch. The four DWUs are the DWU of Interior, the DWU of Foreign Affairs, the DWU of Media and the DWU of Security.

Article IV - The Labourersí Congress
Section - 1

1.) The sole legislative force herein acknowledged shall be vested in a Congress of the Socialist Syndicalist Union, the Labourersí Congress

2.) Any Resident may voluntarily apply for Congress Membership. Residents may apply via the DWU of Interior.

3.) Any NS Player may only have one Resident in the Labourersí Congress. If they are found to have more than one nation within the Congress charges of impeachment will begin.

4.) If a member of Congress CTEs or is banned/ejected that member is considered to have resigned and must reapply to rejoin.

Section - 2

1.) Any Member of Congress in good standing has the right to propose, repeal and amend any and all legislation.

2.) Each Member of Congress will have one vote for each legislative proposal.

3.) The Congress, by a simple majority of votes, cast:

I. Pass, repeal and amend non-amendment legislative proposals
II. Impeach and Member of Congress
III. Contact the DWU of Security and request a security investigation of a Resident
IV. Overturn an impeachment or expulsion previously executed by the Congress
V. Establish and amend rules and procedures for legislative and electoral processes

The Congress may, by a 2/3 majority of votes cast,

I. Remove a DWU Representative from the Syndicalist Council
II. Ratify or withdraw from an inter-regional treaty or alliance
III. Veto a decision or action of the DWU of Security or any other government official
IV. Request the Syndicate Overseerís intervention
V. Overturn an impeachment or expulsion previously executed by the DWU of Security

4.) Members of the Congress shall monitor the actions of the Workers, Representatives, Overseer and any other government official'

5.) Each and every member of Congress has the right to join one or more of the regionís DWUs.

6.) In the event that Congress cannot perform its duties, the right to vote is transferred to every member of the Socialist Syndicalist Union.

Article V - The Syndicate of Justice
Section - 1

1.) The judicial authority of the Socialist Syndicalist Union shall be vested in one court referred to as the Syndicate of Justice. The Syndicate of Justice will consist of a council containing five judges and lawyers; the number of lawyers is not capped.

2.) Any resident may apply to be a judge or lawyer and will serve a six-month term. Once the term is over they will be removed from the position and have to reapply for a second term. Applications are issued by the DWU of Interior.

3.) The Syndicate of Justice will be provided evidence of a defendants crimes by the DWU of Security. Statements made by both defendants and lawyers must also be taken into consideration before judges come to a conclusion.

Article VI - Amending the Constitution

1.) Any changes to the articles of text inside the Constitution of the Socialist Syndicalist Union may be proposed must be proposed by the Labourersí Congress, and if the bill passes it shall be sent to the Syndicate of Justice which will then decide if the bill constitutional, and is in line with the Charter of the Socialist Syndicalist Union and the current Constitution of the Socialist Syndicalist Union. After such approvals, it will become an amendment within the Constitution.

2.) If the Syndicate of Justice denies the bill it shall go back to Congress for either ratification or if passed with a majority of 80% the bill may go to the Syndicate of Justice which will then decide if the bill is constitutional, and in line with the Charter of the Socialist Syndicalist Union and the current Constitution of the Socialist Syndicalist Union. After such approvals, it will become law within the Socialist Syndicalist Union.

3.) If any prerequisites or checks failed in the process of the bill it may not become law nor be voted on within a week.

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