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Vinx/"Elephants foot is our trash can now, no questions."-LEADER FACTBOOK

V I N X: The thorny snake

Vinx is an mutant/monster that is considered the leader of the group, being the one that is the one who helped Oepic make the laptop they use to connect to the outside world via NS came about first, from a human head and the local fauna near Chernobyl. He has teeth so sharp, they can cut through steel without any problem. His "mouth" extends all the away across his head, He has few hairs, with those still around sticking up on spots of his head, and eyebrows. His eyes are circles, with his pupils being completely black, no iris.

Despite his large size and threatening appearance, he is genuinely a nice guy to be around. He often hangs out near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and can be seen watching from barren trees, unlike everyone else, he and his group do not need to drink or eat, as they just like to snack on radiated sticks and go diving in the lakes near Chernobyl.

He, and like the other members of his group, cannot be killed by normal means. He can't feel pain, nor can his group. Vinx is highly radiated like the others, which is one of the many reasons the wall was built to keep them from endangering the population.


- Vinx originally was a drawing I made that when I was bored, which was one of the many reasons that I made Chernoblia.

- Vinx's original name before I changed it was Depotenad, which was a mix of "Dead" and "Potent", edgy right?