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The Right and NationStates


21st February, 2019.
Published from the Confedereichstag, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor

And since time began did man look to separate himself from his inferiors, and so to does the political theorist strive to brand himself as "the best option" for his country and peoples.

Klarann d'Mont, Those with Louder Voices (2019)


We should first consider what has led up to the publication of this short essay. Hatred manifests itself in several forms, though one might contend that its strongest incarnation is that of opinion. Certainly, the universe that is NationStates is no stranger to hatred, nor is it unfamiliar with opinion. While there are wars aplenty, so too are there opinions, circulating throughout the many nations, regions and World Assembly corridors. For some, opinions have constructed entire galaxies, and so too shall they forge the future.

One such opinion is the unpopular belief that political ideology informed by the right is a superior form of governance to that informed by the left. Let us quickly acknowledge: we are not here to debate whether such an opinion is correct. The realms of NationStates, be them regions or nations, are perfectly entitled to operate according to their idiosyncrasies. This, we accept, which makes it a shame that others cannot.

We shall, however, offer definition. Conservative autocracy is a beautiful instrument when played correctly, though many can not hold its tune and consequently misinterpret it for what it actually is. The right is not synonymous with many terms that the left lump it with. Just as fascism is not alone Nazism, so to is the right not alone fascism. The right includes monarchism and even forms of democracy, and could principally be defined as the preservation of tradition and order. Labels are indicative of branding, however; matters such as these are never black and white, which is why the right feels so aggrieved when it is quickly categorised as "undesirable" and even "evil" by the left.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen increasing attempts to, for want of a better phrase, purge the right and extreme right from NationStates. This ideological war has been led by a score of belligerents, each commanded primarily by their own personal opinions. Unity is something that once existed far and wide throughout the regions of NationStates; ideological unity, it seems, is sharply on the decline, leading to inevitable universal fragmentation. There has never been such division between factions, division fuelled by opinion and, consequently, hatred.

Whatever social structures we have erected, it is now common place to sympathise with the left, whereas the right is shunned as a doctrine of fear and malice. Wherever one falls on the ideological spectrum, he or she may be certain that someone else at some point in time has fallen there too and committed some atrocity in its name. All ideologies have blood on their hands. So, why then do we find that now there lies a very clear practise - even expectation - to favour the left over the right? What has the right done that the left has not? Is it a matter concerning inclusion and equality? Has the left simply adopted a more militant approach to proselytising followers? Why, indisputably are the attacks by various raiding organisations passionate and hell-bent on destruction and conversion.

We do not presume to answer any of the above questions, though we know full well the operations of the left to be nothing short of a crusade to rid NationStates of what they perceive to be "right filth." To us, that sounds familiar.

It therefore becomes imperative that the adherents of the right find their strength together. Whether we chose to rule with iron fists or govern by way of benevolent autocracy, we are now called to abandon national and regional interests to defend our ideological beliefs. Only as one can the liberal sandstorm be weathered.

The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators stands proudly against those who preach peace but spread war, and would ask that all nations and regions, right or left, follow suit.

This special correspondence is brought to you by the Office of the Viceroy and Confederation State Broadcasting. Enquiries should be sent to Jocospor.

Printed with the express permission of the Viceroy of the Confederation, His Excellency Sir Walter Memmon. Authorised by the Imperial Palace, Jocospor. Copyright 2019.


(OOC: This dispatch is IC.)