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[Section 1: Overview/History of Arcadia]

[floatright][box][size=150][center][b]The Unified Federal 
Provinces of Arcadia

Egységes Szövetségi 
Tartományok nak Árkádia

[center][size=130][b][i]"Shining lights, even in death."[/i]
([i]Csillogó fények, akár halálban is.[/i])[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=90]- Meryl Spinalia, First President of Arcadia, 2132[/size][/center]

[center][size=120][b][Anthem of Arcadia][/b][/size]

[url=page=dispatch/id=1461901][size=90][b]Home Among the Stars[/b][/size][/url][/center]

[size=80]| The Arcadian Flag |[/size][/center]

[size=80]| Seal of State |[/size][/center]

[center][size=120][b][Astrographical Info][/b][/size][/center]

[i]Star Systems[/i]: Procyon, Orrichon, Corvallis-Seeley,
Ven, Algol, Igdras, Beta Hydri

[i]Colonized Locations[/i]: 27 

[center][size=120][b][Physical Info][/b][/size][/center]

Total Area:
Water [%]:

[i]Highest Point[/i]: Mount Doarmir | 38,476 ft | 11727.48 m

[i]Tallest Tree[/i]: Colossus | 405 ft | 123.44 m

[center][size=120][b][Societal Info][/b][/size][/center]

[i]Demonym[/i]: Arcadian

[i]Species[/i]: Human

[i]Technology Tier[/i]: 9 | [url=]this[/url]

[i]Influence Scale[/i]: 6 | [url=]that[/url]

[i]HDI[/i]: 0.981
[i]SPI[/i]: 91.06

[i]Gini Index[/i]: 53.9

[i]GPI[/i]: 60, 1.82

[i]Population[/i]: 11,427,952,078
[size=80][i]| as of 2240 |[/i][/size]

[i]ISO[/i]: ACD

[i]Capital City[/i]: Pirth City
[size=80][i]| and largest city |[/i][/size]

[i]Official Language[/i]: English

[i]National Languages[/i]: Hungarian, English

[i]National Animal[/i]: Doarmir

[i]Leader[/i]: President

[i]Government Type[/i]: Federal Democratic Republic

[i]Legislature[/i]: Court System, Federal System

Initial Date: May 23, 2129
Establishment: June 6, 2129
Continued Efforts: June-November, 2129
Founding Document: [url=]Árkádian Alapítvány Szentírás[/url]

[i]Driving Side[/i]: Right-Hand Side

[i]Main Ethnicities[/i]: Czech, English, French, 
Hungarian, Dutch, German, Indian, Korean

[i]Official Religion[/i]: N/A 

[i]Percent of Pop. Religious[/i]: 76%

[i]Religions[/i]: Christianity [7%], Zhoism [57%],
Islam [12%], Judaism [3%], Atheism [17%], N/A [5%]

[center][size=120][b][Economical Info][/b][/size][/center]

[i]Units/Measurements[/i]: Imperial/Metric Systems

[i]Currency[/i]: Paralelnín[list]
[*]Denom - 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 250
[*]Credit Symbol - ⌥
[*]Change Symbol - ≛[/list]

[i]Economy Type[/i]: Sociare Capitale [generous mix
of socialism and capitalism]

[i]Main Industries[/i]: Agriculture, Tourism

[i]GDP[/i]: 393,095,000,000,000 Paralelníns

[center][size=120][b]━ Overview ━[/b][/size][/center]

Arcadia is the fourth planet in the Procyon system. Procyon A is the brightest star in the Canis Minoris constellation and the 8th-brightest in Earth's night sky, minus the light pollution. The home planet shares the name of the nation because it originally began with the planet. Similarly to Terra Firma, or Earth, it was formed around 4.3 billion years ago. It interacts with two natural satellites — Gihon and Pishon — and rotates around the Procyon star in 1.47 sidereal years. It also rotates about its axis 391.54 times. This axis will tilt in relation to itself and the planetary equator, producing seasons, but not at the rate that Earth does. It is the densest planet in the star system at 1.02 G of gravity, with land covering around 49% of the planetary surface. It is larger than the rest, save for Atlas Vigilance, the 8th planet.

Colonized in 2129, planet Arcadia is a human inhabited planet. It hosts the seat of a nation home to a population of ten and a half billion over the span of 100+ years, uniting many under the flag and Zhoist beliefs. The Arcadian Republic eventually colonized most of the Procyon system, putting it under a de facto ownership state until after the Roan-Arcadian war of 2230/1, where the majority of the system was purchased and assimilated. A thriving power, Arcadia is a popular tourist destination, famed for its lush jungles and forests, cultivated land scenes, beautiful waterways, and glassy skylines. However, this is not reflected on Redstow or Reynes, which are 2nd and 3rd in their respective orbitals, so only the agricultural scene takes the lead in this regard.

[center][size=120][b]━ History // Colonization ━[/b][/size][/center]

Arcadia was colonized from May 23 to August 6, 2129, where the planet was established as a Core World. Over a 5-month period, other regional colonizations occurred. The planet did not require any aggressive terraforming measures to be suitable for human habitation, as the planet had a plentiful supply of resources needed to support human settlement, including an atmosphere of Dioxohydrazine, or Dinitrogen Dioxide [N[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]2[/sub]] and a pressure of 1.3. 17 Phoenix-class colony ships from New Bharata [india] and the Czech Republic were involved with the initial colonization of Arcadia, supporting the establishment of the metropolitan capital of Pirth City and several other major cities, especially on Mu. This is when the continents were named as well. In January of the New Year, a document named the Alapítvány Szentírás, or Endowment Script, officially established the nation.

The planet quickly became exploited for agricultural, tourist, urbanist, and recreational reasons, becoming both a farming world and a tourist destination, as well as extremely developed up to the present. Arcadia's surface was barely explored by its human colonists; However, the planet has been mostly explored since then. Ancient ruins in the jungles and swamps of Lemuria and Eire were common and still stand in preservation and for study. Traveling and recreational areas were established in these areas as well, with new technologies being invented to counter things such as animal killings, transportation, and overgrown pathways. In 2188, Arcadians opened the Deep Space Research Array in the planet's orbit, with the intent to research and study extreme high-gravity events and the planet itself. This was in conjunction with the new Liang-Dortmund Geographical Operation to explore more of the planet, including research and mapping.

Despite a largely peaceful history, Arcadia became a brief site of conflict during the Insurrection in the mid-2190s when insurgent activity arose in the jungles of the planet. The Insurrection was a rebellion against Earth-based presence among colonial politics. In response, elements of the UN Space Defense Division and the Unified Earth Government's Colonial Military Authority [before cma was dissolved] were deployed to Arcadia, where the troopers quelled the rebel movement before redeploying to Andesia and Eridanus II. Around this time, Pirth City and Nacona became a hotspot for refugees fleeing insurrectionist activity on Eridanus II when they couldn't get to Terra Nova or Redstow.

In 2229, a 7-month long involvement with the New Colonial Alliance, a rebellious faction in the Orrichon system, occurred. The nations of Arcadia, Rothella, Derika, the Sedran Leadership, and Seychelles-Comoros were all involved in the incident - War had sparked after the NCA attacked Rothellan military forces. Derika was also pulled into this battle, and Seychelles-Comoros provided aid to the Alliance. Arcadia had indirectly supported the NCA to this point and was also accused of issuing them a nuclear bomb, though this is a disputed claim. Nonetheless, the system was divided between the 3 nations, where Arcadia obtained the destroyed Sedra as a mining colony. It is reported that refugees fled to Arcadia and Seychelles-Comoros. 

2230 was the starting year for damaged relations between Arcadia, Derika, and Rothella, which ended one year later. The war-mongering leaders of Rothella and Derika eventually broke them down and launched expansionist and warring expeditions. Sometimes, they even entered the Procyon system [i still hate you for that [nation]Derika[/nation]], and one encounter left much of the Arcadian Fleet destroyed. These actions were condemned by the United Nations, of which Arcadia is a heavy influence within. 

1 year after these events, the Rothellan Civil War was spurred. Seychelles-Comoros and Derika were involved in this, and Rothella ended up fighting the Islamic Sultanate in Africa. Within 3 years of initial fighting, Derika launched a major naval attack on Earth after it and Rothella evacuated their locations on Earth completely. Key locations on the planet were targeted, including Moscow, Russia; Shanghai, China; New York City, United States of America; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Berlin, Germany. Most of these attacks were repelled by defense systems and a naval battle above the planet, but Shanghai faced much damage, and Europe was greatly affected and scorched. Despite these assaults, however, advances in technology brought back Europe, though it is still recovering. Eastern Asia's recovery is progressing at a slower rate. Supplies from the Core Worlds, including Arcadia, continue to pour in.

On October 1st, 2236, during Arcadia's time out of international politics and internal focus due to President Hal Charane, the rest of the Procyon system, save for Atlas Vigilance, came under Arcadian 'rule'. The "colonization" was not massively expensive, since the planets were, and still are, allowed to remain semi-autonomous, and because of the de facto ownership. Additionally, a new star system by the name of the Corvallis Seeley system was discovered later in the year to be used for multiple purposes, including resource gathering, research, and development. After the presidential election of 2240, Jerome Marco Harrell, who was president from 2228-2232, issued a major reform for colonial infrastructure and had several important sites built. 

In 2239, Derika's [second???] Civil War began, and Arcadia held a major role in fighting the war alongside Rothella, who was forced to join the United Nations after being attacked by an outside nation, which mysteriously disappeared after some time. A large amount of military might was expressed during initial fighting, scoring a major victory in the Cronus system in the defense of a major Rothellan planet, as well as the liberation of a Derikan planet in the Kidar system, aiding the rebels. The Derikan planet Bakara was liberated and the population evacuated after a swift land and air victory. The war continued within several more planets until Arcadian and Rothellan forces got to the inner systems to really land a hit and finally score the governing planet, Buur. 

In the meantime, a separatist union identifying themselves as The Velvetians began petitioning the government and calling for the separation of a large 2-province region, an outrageous demand, within Lemuria. Legislatures were caught by surprise from the proposition. The provinces, Eastern and Western Azure, are wild jungle and heavily underdeveloped, so much so that even the region's geography isn't known to the average person. According to the group, they have built up townships within the jungle. They are now asking the same government, who they originally asked to build their cities for them and provide government service to, to allow them independence and for criminals who have taken refuge within the region to be granted amnesty. The courts are still considering the government's approach on the issue.

After the Pirthen-Larissa Project and the Colonial Connectivity Proposal, Harrell looked out starward for more free planets to expand the Arcadian Republic. Liang-Dortmund was commissioned to explore new territory, staking the claim to 4 star systems. These systems were named Beta Hydri, Algol, Igdras, and Ven. In that order, they became assimilated into Arcadia as colonies, done for the same reason expansion into the Corvallis-Seeley system occurred.

[center][size=120][b]━ Geography // Etymology ━[/b][/size][/center]

Arcadia is one of the tropical planets orbiting the star Procyon, famed for its dense, lush forests, jungles, and mountains that cover most of the world's surface. During colonization, Arcadia's landmasses were divided into six designated continents: Eire, Pacifica, Mu, Caledonia, Lemuria, and Avalon. Avalon's name came from the island Avalon in Arthurian Legend, Caledonia from the nickname given to Scotland by ancient Romans, Eire from Ireland's Gaelic name, Lemuria and Mu from a mythical lost continent on Earth, and Pacifica from a term for a state union between 14 nations of Pacific and Caribbean islands on Earth.

Arcadia itself may be referred to as simply "Arcadia", "The Arcadian Republic", "The Republic of Arcadia", or "The Provinces of Arcadia". The name Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature, derived from the Greek province with the same name. The Greek province's mountainous topography, natural beauty, and sparse population of pastoralists shaped the word to become a poetic byword for a vision of unspoiled wilderness.

Even before humans colonized the planet, Arcadia already maintained environments and natural resources suitable for human habitation, requiring no aggressive terraforming measures. Arcadia's surface was largely unexplored beyond the colony's limited settlements and tourist zones, preventing the discovery of the ancient ruins on the planet for a long period of time. The water in the jungles of Arcadia contains many bacteria and protists that cause disease. There are also many mountains on the planet; its highest peak is Mount Doarmir, standing at 38,476 feet in height. 

Outside of planet Arcadia, but within the nation's jurisdiction, exists a large variety of environments among every planet. They range from ocean-covered planets to jungle-strewn, arid to icy, archipelagos to continents. 

[center][size=120][b]━ Vexillology ━[/b][/size][/center]

Arcadia's flag is divided into 3 sections - the chevron and the bicolor field. The chevron, white-colored, contains a charge shaped as a wireframe globe encased by a golden laurel wreath, a blue star appearing above it. A black border divides the chevron from the bicolor, which is dark blue on top and sky blue on the bottom. A charge with 3 hexagons connected at the center and surrounded by a black ring appears on the top half. A charge with 2 multi-colored leaves and a city built on top with a green, semi-circumnavigating line from each leaf tip appears on the bottom half. 

The wireframe globe and laurel wreath indicate national peace, the blue star indicates the Procyon star for the star system Arcadia is based in, the top charge refers to a feature from Arcadian culture that includes sectional shapes, and the bottom half refers to Arcadia's eco-friendliness. The white on the flag underlays the globe and wreath to stand for the people and their peceful nature, the dark blue symbolizes vigilance, truth, loyalty, and perseverance, and the light blue stands for Arcadia's blue skies above its cities and environment.

[center][size=120][b]━ Government // Economy ━[/b][/size][/center]

Arcadia is a Core World administrated by its own government, with much influence from, and within, the United Nations. The head of state is a president, with a Federalist system in place along a Separation of Powers doctrine where the government is divided into 3 branches - legislative [Capital Assembly], executive [presidency and cabinet], and judicial [Cardinal Forum]. The colony was divided into 3 regions originally, the largest of which being the metropolitan continent of Mu, but was eventually switched to 6 national governments - This gave Arcadia the status of "Unified Federal Provinces". Major cities on Arcadia include Pirth City [the capital and largest], Catania, Nacona, Arcadia City, Rockport, Palisada City, Cradle, Petelia, Doarmir City, and Alexandria. The Arcadian Patrol serves as the nation's main police force, while the Arcadian Armed Forces serves as the national defense force. Cipher, Arcadia's primary intelligence agency, works in conjunction with both of these and the United Nations, especially Interpol.

During the time of colonization, Arcadia was exploited for its natural resources, such as rushing rivers and windy hills. The planet was also quickly grown for recreational purposes, becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations around over 50 years and described as a "tourist paradise"; This was heavily promoted by the Domus Diaspora. Arcadia became famed for its safaris, scenery, and other recreational amenities, with cruise ships in constant transit between the planet and other nations. Due to the planet's fertile environment, the planet soon had a large agricultural industry, providing foodstuffs to other planets and a sense of self-sufficiency.

The nation has 35 space elevators in total, as well as several orbital Deep Space Research Arrays and the first orbital oil refinery complex. Lethbridge Industrial runs the refinery, as well as several military production plants. Liang-Dortmund Corporation is closely affiliated with the Arcadian government, and this relationship grew under the Jerome Harrell Administration. They take on most government projects, effectively acting as the Corps of Engineers to cut government expense in favor of other things, such as environmental and social welfare funding.

Arcadia depends on extraterrestrial sites, like the Corvallis-Seeley system, for economic reasons. Resources and research gathered from these sites allow for a more diverse economy and nation. Expansion may be impeded for health, environmental, or other major concerns. The government, working well with private industries, has a few says in how it is run to better protect certain aspects like the aforementioned items. However, heavy restrictions aren't appled until a major law is broken by a private entity. The government also protects workers through national courts in any unlawful situation. The Arcadian Patrol, Arcadia's law enforcement umbrella, comprises all branches of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

Raised in 2129 before most other entities on the planet, the Arcadian Military was quickly raised after the Interplanetary War in the event of a militaristic pursuit against Arcadia. Technological innovation of the age and the Domus Diaspora both caused rapid growth. It continues to serve the people and defend the nation against outside and inside forces.

[center][size=120][b]━ Culture ━[/b][/size][/center]

The Arcadians are regarded as a semi-peaceful and thriving people, caring for the environment and fellow humans. The population is loyal to its own government and the United Nations, as Arcadian citizens tend to lean towards peace unless otherwise must be done. Arcadia also has its own style of fashion, unique to the world as it is a blending of the many diverse cultures of the colonies. It tends to include the colors red, blue, black, gray, green, white, tan, and brown, with varying shades, shapes, and styles. Alongside this, the nation is also known for its Procyon Champagne, a luxurious vintage favored by many; its welcoming arms and tourism industry; the large amount of eco-friendliness and beautiful environments; its great innovation; and its position and influence within the United Nations.

Loyal to the nation, most Arcadians recite the Arcadian [url=]Pledge of Allegiance[/url] once each day, especially if they attend work or school, though it is not necessarily required. The national anthem is also loved by and inspiring to many souls through the nation. They can be surmised as patriotic. Faith in the government and police tends to sit at a high standstill because it serves the people well, though they understand that some individuals may be corrupt. Many Arcadians are well-informed and intelligent for this reason, but it also comes naturally. Great emphasis is put on proper schooling dependent on the person, as children are heavily taken into account. It is much based on the idea of "from each according to their ability; to each according to their need". Minority groups and majority groups are both lumped into the same society as united people, all known as Arcadians. 

Many citizens are affiliated with religion, as it motivates them in their lives, according to most. Just under half of the population aligns itself with Zhoism, a set of beliefs that stems from Buddhism and Hinduism. The religion has 4,950,588,840 members. Its holy scripture, named the [i]Novodunik[/i], details the cross method of the belief makeup, its rituals and entailments, and its religious leader, who is named the Timminbuh and is founded by the people.

Typical entertainment for Arcadians includes taking walks and biking, playing a wide variety of games, driving and boating, online entertainment, storytelling and writing, music, dramas, dances and performances, hosting festivals, creating and promoting cultural icons, constructing personal items, creating films about anything, outdoor physical activities, cooking, and camping, which are all blended into Arcadian culture as a result of many cultures being intertwined in a single environment. The arts and media are heavily promoted, as are the outdoors and social activities. Room for creative remixes is always available.

[center][size=120][b]━ Trivia ━[/b][/size][/center]
[*] If you pay attention to the banners, i've only enabled the ones that pertain to my planet visually, not description-wise

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