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Dythinian Authority

Welcome to Dythinia! If you're a new nation in Dythinia or just new to NationStates in general then this guide should help you get settled in to our region. In this guide I'll tell you a little bit about the government and how you can get involved. Below is a current list of positions, and their role.

Supreme Leader
The Supreme Leader is the de jure head of the region, and he can effectively do whatever he wants. The Supreme Leader tends to be the WA Delegate, and elections happen at the pleasure of the Founder.

First Minister
The First Minister is the de facto head of the region, and he can effectively do whatever he wants, within the permissions set down by the Supreme Leader, and the Founder. The Supreme Leader tends to appoint the First Minister.

The Vice-Delegate heads up foreign affairs, and other WA duties set down to him by the Supreme Leader. Appointed by the Supreme Leader.

Security Officer
The Supreme Leader's eyes about for invaders. He is the one ultimately responsible for defence, and can define defence readyness statuses.

Homeland Officer
Likely the most pointless role. Has no real duty, but gives the incumbent power and authority over non-officials. Does jobs set down by the FM and the SL, but also the VD and Founder.

The Founder is a permanent position that cannot be changed from person to person. The Founder is responsible for maintaining relative order within the governmental and regional machine.