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>> The person behind Cory and would possibly be the best powerwanker ever (OOC)

You think I'm going to do a face reveal? Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

no, smh.

Name: just call me "Cory"
Also Known As: Cory, Coryan
True name: [REDACTED]
Title, Pronouns: He, Him.
Occupation: Student, or something idk
Nationality: Filipino

Ethnicity: LinkWaray-Waray or something..
DoB: May, 5 [REDACTED]
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Type 2
Siblings: 1, so far..( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Ideology: Centrist but leaning towards liberal
Party: N/A
Political Wing: Centrist but leaning into left

Religion: Christianity, specifically 7th day Adventism

Likes: Video Games (such as minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy and yes the fandom is still not dead), Nationstates, Human History, Science, Sci-Fi books, Steven Universe, and dank memes
Dislikes: Romantic Novels
Hobbies: Playing video games and reading books

~ Basic Description/Introduction ~

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Liberalism, LGBTQ rights, human rights, world peace, environmental conservatism
Neutral: Abortion, gun rights, World government
Anti: War, racism, homophobes, pollution

Explanations: My nation is based on my personal ideological thinking, though it's a bit more radical.

Views: (Still not as accurate though)

I Support:

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song:
Favourite Foods: Depends
Favourite Beverages: Anything cold
Favourite Bands: The Beatles? Nah, I don't have one.
Favourite Book Series: N/A
Favourite Video Games: Minecraft
Favourite VG Genres: Sci fi and Historical, sometimes horror (specially Stellaris and Civilization)

How Coryana came to be

I was originally got introduced into the game when a YouTuber called LinkSpike Viper advertised his region, The United Federations on the YouTube community page on early January 2019, I immediately got interested and went out to check the site. I made 2 forgotten nations but that failed.. spectacularly, I tried to make nation days or weeks after and boom, here we are.

I started out as an obnoxious and oblivious user at first but I learned much of the basics and foundation of worldbuilding when I join the F7 community, later on, today, I'm kind of a familiar face in the forum with many friendly users like Valentine Z and so on... And quick sidenote here, yes my nation isn't even as realistic but ok.

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