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Armed Forces of The Filippinas


Commander-in-Chief: President Fili
Department of National Defence Secretary: Dolfin Lorensana
Chief of Staff: Fabiyan Ver

Conscription: None, Voluntary
But is allowed in Constitution during war.
Active troops: 3,050,000

Reserve Command: 3,640,000

Armored Personnel Carriers: 12,500

Tanks: 10,500

Artillery and MRLS: 11,900

Navy: 572

Air Force: 980

-Budget and

$34 trillion (FHP. 38 trillion)
15% of GDP

Guns: M4A1,M15,M4A5,M1912,Stinger launchers, M14(Enhanced),AKN

Armored Vehicles: M113A6, BMP-12, M113A2, Ajax-2

Tanks: T-12 Armada, M1 Abrams, T-78, Leopard 2

Artillery and MRLS: Patriot-B3, M139, M101 howitzer, Soltam M-71, Scud-300

Planes: FA-60FP, C-160, F-17

Helicopters: UH-5,UH-4, Black Eagle Si-76, ATAK129, Agustuwestland159, AH-1 Cobra

Warships: Cruisers, Frigates, MPACS, Strategic Sealift Vessels, Submarines

WMDs: Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons


Filipine Revolution
Filipine-Amerikan Conflict
First Global Conflict
Second Global Conflict
Korean Civil War
Second Indochina War
The Yellow Revolution
Terror Wars
Persian Sea Wars
Bangsamoro War

-Weapons Suppliers-

Major Suppliers:

-Notable Divisions, Battalions, Brigades-

1st Ranger Scouts Battalion

-Current Deployments-

-20,000 troops sent to the Moro Autonomous Region in Southern Filippinas to "Advise and train a paramilitary force as well as enforcing Law & Order until the insurgency situation will return normalcy"

-Up to 300,000 regular soldiers and 670 planes, tanks, artillery and warships have been deployed to Totallynotfili to protect the subordinate but independent country located in Karma from possible invasion threats.
They are based mostly in Klarc Air Force Base, and Subik Naval Station located near the capital.

The filippinas