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>> Ideology or Philosophy?

" Infinite Civilizations, One Unity "

The Beliefs:

Coryana is thought to be a technological, scientific utopia. It has both the ideas or philosophy of an greater utopia with technological advancement but with preserving environments. We have emphasis on our high personal and economic freedoms for egalitarianism and a idea of a governed perfect futuristic society is always what we Coryans sought. But the idea of an "utopia" is found on Coryan culture, history, habits or mannerisms, and daily life.

We don't agree with war, we believe it is an eventual dead end on all civilizations and to flourish through eras of peace and prosperity without war to see a eventual utopia, as we only expand to regions of the multiverse that need such improvement for development of civilizations, Coryana does not interfere with foriegn affairs. We are quite peaceful here and also has a strong isolationist policy as said from the last paragraph above this, however, we will resort to mild violence if only necessary.

The 'ideology' also goals to preserve all civilizations such as Coryana's past history and see what they have done wrong in the past such as the great resource war and how to not do the same path as your ancestors did, even though they are great, they are not perfect. Telling our own souls to learn from our mistakes and we tell ourselves to always fix the problems you and your loved ones have faced no matter what it costs. We are far from done from being "perfect" as we are still not, as not everyone is perfect but we can build up to that and try to be lower than perfect but as a place of paradise and harmony for everyone.

As many species dwells but as one civilization we must.
All of us are unique in someway and its no coincidence, it made us who we are and the cosmos made our fate.

Coryan morality has shaped the way our philosophy and moral leanings work, we have come so far, if we can take care of the future without forgetting the past, spreading through the stars without being politically too thin then the multiverse is truly ours, we can truly cry out for multiversal unity and can be heard, we as one, can conquer through the impossible, my dear old Coryan... Now goodnight, my little civilization, good night, don't let little mass extinction bite..

The Philosophers:

Spotus and the Wise Men

Those were the name of the renowed Spotus, who gave birth to the Coryan philosophy and a indirect predeccsor to the Commandments, he and his disciples where renowed during the ancient times, philosophers of antiquity lectured him in his younger days. His sister was the queen of a neighboring nation near Coryana as he was also the direct ancestor of the Nolyab dynasty, with this, he managed to spread his teachings throughout the world.

The Wise Discples

A small organization founded by Spotus, it has only 13 members but went on to construct the first largest, great university in Titanuma and wrote the first philosophical questions of the ancient world, sadly, no remaining descendants have been found or traced for the Wise disciples.