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>> Logistics, ships, departments, and complexes

Woah! Never thought there's also an easter egg in this factbook, huh?

《《 W E L C O M E 》





== Welcome, User_Guest! ==

>> || You have now accessed the logistical program, which is arguably a significant program extension of the transportation and communications program. This program especially contains many parts of logistical archives of trade ships, it's complexes, and national stability, some important political parts of the Coryan governments such as the council, political stability and states are added in this program (see the MUSK program for more political info). Nevertheless, you may freely continue and read through the program now..; || <<


《《 Logistical Ships 》》

== Logistics Depot Ship ==

>> The Coryan logistical depot ship is the centerpiece of the Coryan logistical system. Typically over two kilometers long, with the largest being ten, the typical size of a town built by a planetary civilizations, it combines the functions of a transport, cargo ship, mothership of logistical ships, maintenance and production center, and drop-off point using warping technology in bagtles. Onboard forge is capable of producing most parts that fleet needs (even heavy machinery parts and hull armour plates), as well as many supplies for ground forces. It also carries resource collectors, and is thus capable of mining asteroids around star systems though trading is one of the used practices in many asteroid mining colonies, moons and planets for raw resources to produce necessary parts though can be produced much more faster currently. If necessary, it can also distill water from comets and other rocky parts that roam the cosmos. It is equipped with internal/external when attacked, the ship's offensive systems are energy shielding networks and five high heat doses of energy which are bullets for the gunners, though weak in actual military combat, it is left behind the lines with an escort, while transport ships carry supplies to the combat zone. 20 billion to a trillion ships are produced every week, typically produced in aritifical universes and planets where green factories are regularly found and constructed by self-regenerating nanites inside it , they can transport all over star systems with a local planetary logistical system for products to get across each factories or storage areas in these planets, one of the first depot ships are 'The Skeil' developed several thousands of years before which has been upgraded ever since, though the ship was controversial for letting an unknown entity inside, leaving 7 crew disappearances and 2 only left in the ship. <<

== Tankers ==

>> Tanker is a medium level ship designed to carry liquids fuel, machinery oil, water etc, whether for national and foriegn organic trade, they are typically fitted with heating systems to heat heavy oils and allow them to flow, as well as with steam smothering systems. Unlike generalist cargo ships, they have systems to allow deep-space and void replenishment of ships, they are especially used in newer, more primitive regions of the Federation where non-renewable resources are dependent to their economy and energy source like oil, however they will be improved quickly over the course of time. Around three to five billion or lower tankers are made everyday, which are stored and deployed in either starbases, megastructures , specified planets, or pocket universes to continue the logistics of many universes of the Coryan federation. <<

== Millitary Transporter ==

>> Passenger liners are fast ships intended to transport soldiers/explorers alike between destinations around the cosmos. In the past, before the creation of instantaneous warping technology, long travel times are typically what makes the war much more longer when fighting an enemy from a far away place in the multiverse or a universe, though today they are now very comfortable with additional large living quarters as each exact conditions are equal to each soldiers when transportation systems are down and can be suitable for long travels. During the war, they are essential to quickly transporting large numbers of troops needed around the galaxy. Even small liners that basically act like a mini-version of the Ark (see transportation program) can transport upwards of 200 million(or more) troops, albeit numbers are typically higher up to a gigantic 1-5 billion on generally longer military trips, not to mention there are many entire fleets composed of these transporters.

Some passenger liners are used as accommodation ships, helping and receiving personnel from destroyed or heavily damaged and crippled ships. Where these accommodation ships are also used as barracks ships at advanced bases. Automated hospital ships are passenger liners modified to provide treatment facilities for soldiers and to evacuate sailors, pilots, merchants, and especially citizens in times of both big and small war zones. These are fully equipped hospitals capable of treating wide variety of organic injuries and ailments found all over the cosmos with carefully automated resurrection or 'rejuvenation' of fallen soldiers and civilians, which are also especially designed to provide instant logistical support to frontline automated medical teams and field hospitals for any injured and died (for more info, see military nexus and technological program)<<

== Harvesters ==

>> Used for quick harvest or refuel for ships, harvesting diffrent planetary resources such as water, wood, or any minerals , as mainly an A.I mind is in charge for piloting the harvester and taking the resources without damaging the planet's environment and ecosystem itself, it can hold up to 500,000 tons of medium weight of resources to hold on and typically sizes around a kilometer or less. Harvesters are quite cheap and often being sometimes hired by merchants and deployed to the UCEC for mining resources when depleted of it's fleet resources by its large numbers. <<

《《 Multiversal Logistics 》》

>> For an flourishing inter-universal and rising dimensional civilization inhabiting with perhaps tens of thousands of universes (see the archives), we needed quick logistics to supply and ensure the stability of the nation from all of its thousands universal regions and states , so this one of the many reasons why we developed/invented FTL (faster-than-light) hyperdrives for starcrafts and wormhole traveling for further implementation of Coryan ships and vessels, as all of our civilian ships alike are made or designed to be fast enough to travel into around one universe and instantaneous warping technology or quantum tunneling to other specific universes and other cosmic locations like galaxies/planets that has been carefully charted and explored by the UCEC and other exploratory and colonization organizations. Now over thousands generations of ships has been made and upgraded each time ever since the first interstellar colonization era, where trading and mining ships possess small weapons such as directed laser cannons when under attacked against raiders though with official permission and license for safety reasons/purposes which they could arrest the raider or 'criminal' (see MUSK program and others for more info), as any illegal purposes would have the ship temporarily confiscated and the person(s) rehabilitated depending on whats the crime, The same goes along to trillions of civilian ships in each Coryan homes and garages, though Coryans can preferably remove the weaponry systems with proper handling and care. With private companies in contract and cooperation with the Coryan federation to construct many different ships around the multiverse, traveling may never end. <<

== Administration ==

>> Despite Coryana spreading a ten of thousand universes across the multiverse including of outposts in the more further out parts, logistics and supply must be needed to support the stability of the Federation, due to this, advanced communications and transportation such as warping and wormholes can be used to send messages across colonies and fighting against possible rebellions and collapse due to low stability though peace must be always also insured and used. With logistical technology such as tachyon particles resulting in a quick, daily supply of constant communication and transportation such as specialized warpdrives that distorts space-time right behind in the back of your starship, causing a sort akin to surfing in a wave, your specified travel time would be much shorter as its manipulate the distance, making travel faster in billions of light years which has been produced roughly years after the hivemind war when the universal economy was fully stabilized and rebuilt with nations of the universe began cooperating themselves with technology and science once more. <<

== Communications ==

>> Communication systems like MUSK allows Coryans and the nation to connect and fully interact to the digital multiverse and it's users with data being much more larger than a single yottabyte storage due to its daily levels of usage to around hundreds of universes , it can also be accessed through common mind uploading where another digital realm appears; the renowned Cyberweb where many discussion servers where you can truly immerse and feel objects that primarly exists for entertainment which building of imagined or realistic cities to even planets is generally popular of any genres (such as generally 'role-playing') or work, general discussions, and a new endless open space for the Coryan population or economic sectors to live and grow alike never before, with these types of comms systems allowing us to respond to any disasters natural or not throughout universes faster than ever before.<<

== Trade ==

>> Trading or also known as supply ships are mainly mercantile businesses, markets, Coryan corporations, or foriegn trading ships that are a source of opening up free trade and Coryan scientific/technological knowledge and expertise to the multiverse with a spice of diplomacy, it is both owned by public and private sectors aside by the Trade Federation of Merchants (TFM) which is mainly public-based (see species program), however, these highly busy trade ships are also used as transporting imported/exports products to many different regions of Coryana and others of foreign trade, to even outposts around the multiverse. <<

== Civilian ==

>> There are a variety of ships that are implemented in warpdrives used by Coryan citizens alike in day to day hobbies, lifestyles or work whether for taking a vacation though the cosmos or going out on to see a clan of dragons migrating or going to school or exploring/travelling diffirent other planets and galaxies around Coryana, however there are some advices on how to have safe interstellar driving and not get crashed into a planet or a megastructure, such as not being biologically intoxicated when your ship is inside a warpgate or any teleportation whatsoever, leading up to nausea and long vomits and always go travel by hyperlanes in space though mainly adviced for organics, hyperlanes are basically space roads on all Coryan galaxies, not following it also would result in your ship being stuck on the middle of space with possible zero to low contact. <<

== Mining ==

>> Very similar to trade/supply ships, these type of space crafts or frigates are only made for entirely and specifically, mining, the raw minerals or minerals that has been mined through harvesters which are basically just automated mining ships would be delivered to factories, starbases, and asteroid colony belts in many star systems platforms in hundreds thousands of galaxy for fast production and trade across the known multiverse and the few dimensions of the omniverse. <<

== Patrols ==

>> Patrol ships are basically ships that acts as an automated bodyguard on important logistical and government sectors though much more common on outposts outside of the Coryan main universal territories, though now mainly for the outposts, commonly in the cosmic borders of Coryana and especially in bigger factory starbases in the fortifications, they are one of the first strategic starcrafts defenses that is when a potential foriegn invasion of Coryana is confirmed and commenced by void and universal systems, ready with billions of defense platforms such as the solar-array activated in the borders. <<

《《 Starcrafts 》》

== Starbase ==

>> A primary shipyard/base used for construction of frigates, colonizers and other ships used for interplanetary colonization, exploration, scientific, or civilians purposes with hotels or a big apartment for tourists and Coryans alike are also built, basically a giant ship factory or just a giant building without megacities in the cosmos. Stationed near a planet, star system, or galaxy that has been picked for colonization, protection, and observation by the UCEC and other organizations, typically after the exploration and chartering process, acting as a base of operations after colonization with contact from Coryana if the colony is far, a docking port and a significant trade hub for mercantile traders, it also used for ships as a repair and maintinance base, will always leave if the colonization and logistical process is complete. Typically around 500 meters (Terran measuring units applied) in diameter, they are equipped with artificial wormhole teleporation systems for quicker travelling through star systems and galaxies. Starbases also acts as a relatively medium-sized factory for spacecraft's when raw resources are delivered. They are also used as outposts and exploratory purposes, though it can be created as a city with interconnected ones orbting around the cosmos, similar to ringworlds and floating-megacities. <<


== Mercantile Ships ==

>> The popular cargo-type ship that can be passenger based, these ship was used typically by Coryan merchants themselves mainly uses to travel between markets or lead local expeditions with other merchants to exotic planets, has a large small to meduim cargo that can deal with 500,000 tons of meduim-weight products or over. It can be used as a storefront for a big mobile merchant market with a trade lounge on the inside center of the ship to discuss products with the customers, collecting new profits, materials, or resources on whatever they can find or harness on different planets in star systems and various clusters of galaxies as merchants are also mostly self-studied scientists, learning or examining more about the products they just collected. <<

 A storage merchant ship 

== Scouts ==

>> These are the earliest known forms of interstellar ships/starcraft built in Coryana and one of the first ships to be implemented on interstellar engines and warpdrives, entering in many folded hyperspace's to allow instant travel , permitting the nation to colonize and spread peacefuly once more to the stars along with the growing merchantile economy. Though the production is cheap due to its smaller size that has preferably materials similar to that of non-engineered materials like that of borea, digital particles, and krystal but with more advanced forms of computer systems (especially scanning modules) and distengration sheilds when attacked, along with specific instant teleportation network, these scout ships were used as for reconissance and probing missions on planets and other cosmic bodies for scientific, exploration, or popularly colonization/terraforming purposes as it is both used today and in the past. <<

 Earliest known forms of Interstellar ships 

== Probers ==

>> More smaller but fully automated version of the scouts, probers are fully controlled and piloted by specialized AI minds that has a advantage on awareness around it's environment, memory, and resourcefulness when found on a dangerous situation than most AI minds though being self-improved over time in a high rate with newer technology and techniques, used in probing missions of planetary or galactic bodies. They also have a cloaking mode implemented as a way to go unoticed by the planetary natives and cause big panic or perhaps aggressiveness, depending on their foriegn policy. This automated small piloter is also used by the espionage control of Coryana as bugtoids, probers that are the size of an organic bug or an insect-like body to not get seen with cloaking modules added for measure and information technology similar to that of stealth-ships. <<

 Bugtoid Probers 

== Mining Frigates ==

(See logistical ships for more info)

>> Mining or harvester frigates are occasionally much more larger than normal automated mining ships, where they can store five times the amount of smaller harvesters which is piloted by a sentient artificial intelligence but more generally slower due to its size. However, in turn, these frigates were much more stronger in terms of security weaponries, bigger and secure product storages such as tons of gold to trade, and the ship's more stronger, shockwave and nanite energy absorbing materials. <<

 A mining frigate 

《 《 Traded Materials 》 》

(See economy program for more data)

>> From engine warpdrives to brand new quantum computers that can create mini simulations, there are much more billions of variety of traded materials from Coryana, it's diverse groups of merchants, and surrounding civilization with trade pacts/alliance, though the Coryan currency is becoming much more unneeded and obsolete due to the rising economic conditions of the nation though orderly bartering from all around the multiverse are becoming a popular use for merchants alike. Food that has been particle engineered and be cloned in many economic planets or megastructures that has automatic farming systems to not kill and harm off other animals and other organic needs such as fresh, drinking water that has been produced the same cloning technique as the food supplies is also being transported back and fourth from every territories of the federation and outside for mainly both foriegn and outpost support as while organics may be a small percentage of the growing and expanding Coryan population, they also need to be supplied as equals with equity as much of the larger artificial and robotic population, fighting and reporting against discrimination. <<

《《 Coryana National Police 》》

>> The CNP is Coryana's main 'police' department, while pretty much almost no organized and unorganized crimes or rebelliousness exists in the Coryan proper (see MUSKNET program) due to the nation having endless peaceful oppurtionies for each, though citizens can catch crime and be vigilant, even having a direct democracy in the judicial branch and passing laws in the council, but foreign raiders and other troublemakers appear in its less fortified void borders, both in and out of Coryana but they frequently appear in outside border galaxies or planets, all of Coryana's people if physically able enough to join the CNP with a year or around a few months in training.

There are 1.5 centillion or less CNP officers available, and in station, each of them resides from all around the nation. Each of them must have to get through around 15 to 7 days of extreme training though with greater personal freedoms similar to the military as to be used to the harsh conditions in the outside border planets patrolling or often negotiating and sometimes fighting against/with small but flexible guerrilla raiding organizations near the mystery line, but without much more violence as we just want these organizations to fully surrender without coming to an all out war for stability, and sometimes even the void borders, though, today these organizations has been absent for many decades and as the CNP is becoming more and more to be an evacuation unit.

The Cheif-general of the CNP is appointed by the government, which first class chiefs are also chosen by the province and the Department of Justice, where these thirty chief's all around the states/regions are appointed, that works similar to a senate or a parliament , all regional provinces and civilizations of Coryana have their own local Cheif's.

As said before, the CNP is also used to maintain calm, orderly lines with providing safety to civilians in evacuation plans and other emergency initiatives which are classified to foriegners due to the fact that possible enemy civilizations will send an espionage mission to destroy these plans against Coryana, reconstruction of infrastructures are one of the main jobs of the CNP. Within the values of the CNP we follow is peace, order, and unity <<

《《 The Coryan Council 》》

>> The Coryan council or popularly and politically known other as the Coryan Senate is an united administration under all of the thousands of universes and it's states in Coryana with a federal constitutional monarchy as it's government, where each diverse trusted and democratically elected representatives to preserve order and stability towards Coryana and power of the people, one of the important goals of preservation of the Council, they are each elected by their people of galactic sectors on the board of Titanuma, forming the inter-universal senate, along with the emperor/empress and it's royal family to administrate all of the territories of Coryana within organizations who are in-charge, pass laws, hear and carry the voices/will of the citizens, and elect new members or representative of the seat with major political parties with three to six years along with the Emperor/Empress in term limits as minor ones being allowed to take part in elections which is a direct vote from the citizens and the legislature, though the people electing them must study what are the electing representative's goals, ideology, or for the good of you, your family or family and for the nation, not to mention it must be based off in his or her attitude, foreign politicians can also run for a seat in the Coryan council or any local government or branch, elections are directly voted by civilians as where especially when voting which is counted per by the states on how many the people voted for. However, partisanship here is rarely ever seen due to almost all of the political parties working for the same common good to support the foundations of the nation, there is also an anti-corruption board where trusted politicians and Coryans can report other politicians of corruption and political lies. In which our goals is to bring eternal peace and stability through Coryana and its people. Speaking of the monarchy, the heir for the emperor/empress is directly elected by the council-senate and mainly the Coryans (also the empress/emperor is technically just a senator with additional powers), if the there is no suitable heir is found, though an adopted member of the royal family can count, illegitimate or not as we must have fair and established elections between these heirs, where a new royal family will be elected within also the Coryan council of senators in Titanuma and mainly Coryan citizens themselves to choose or elect who will rule the Coryan federation itself and be responsible take care of its people along with administrating internal and external issues. So which means the nation is basically a democratic parliamentary 'elected' monarchy with a large pseudo capitalist-socialist-merchantile free economy (see economy program for more info). <<