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Logistics, ships, and departments

Logistical Ships

Logistics Depot Ship

Coryan Logistics depot ship is the centerpiece of the Coryan logistical  system. Over two kilometers long, it combines the functions of a transport, cargo ship, mothership of Logistical ships, maintenance and production center, and drop-off point. Onboard forge is capable of producing most parts that fleet needs (even heavy machinery parts and hull armour plates), as well as many supplies for ground forces. It also carries resource collectors, and is thus capable of mining asteroids, moons and planets for raw resources to produce necessary parts. If necessary, it can also distill water from comets and other rocky parts. It is equipped with Internal/External Energy Shield and 5 Energy Gunners, it is left behind the lines with an escort, while transport ships carry supplies to the combat zone. 15 Quintillion Ships are made everyday


Tanker is ship designed to carry liquids  fuel, machinery oil, water etc. They are typically fitted with heating systems to heat heavy oils and allow them to flow, as well as with steam smothering systems. Unlike generalist cargo ships, they have systems to allow deep-space replenishment of ships. 5 Quintillion Tankers are made everyday

Millitary Transporter

Passenger liners are fast ships intended to transport Soldiers between destinations. Due to long travel times however, they are still fairly comfortable, though exact conditions depend on class. During the war, they are essential to quickly transporting large numbers of troops needed around the galaxy. Even small liners can transport upwards of  200 Quintillion (or more) troops, albeit numbers are typically higher  up to a gigantic 500 quintillion  on longer millitary trips.

Some passenger liners are used as accommodation ships, receiving personnel from destroyed or heavily damaged ships. Accommodation ships are also used as barracks ships at advanced bases. Hospital ships are passenger liners modified to provide treatment facilities for soldiers and sailors in war zones. These are fully equipped hospitals capable of treating wide variety of injuries and ailments, and are also designed to provide logistical support to frontline medical teams and field hospitals.


Used for quick harvest of a planetary resources , an A.I mind is in charge for taking the resources without damaging the planet's environment itself, it can hold up to 500,000 Tons of Resources to hold. Quite cheap and often being deployed to the UCEC for mining resources when depleted.

Multiversal Logistics

For an Inter-universal nation with thousands of universes, we needed quick logistics, so that's why we developed FTL hyperdrives and wormhole traveling for further implementation of Coryan ships, all of our civilian ships are made to be fast enough to travel into around one universe.


Despite Coryana spreading a thousand universes across, advanced communications and transportation such as warping and wormholes can be used to send messages across colonies and fighting against rebellions. With technology such us Tachyons resulting in a quick supply of constant communication and transportation.


Communication systems like MUSK allows Coryans and the nation to connect to the digital multiverse and it's users, it can also be accessed through mind uploading where another digital realm appears; the Cyberweb.


Mercantile businesses and markets are a source of opening up free trade and Coryan knowledge to the multiverse, it is both owned by public and private sectors.


There are a variety of ships that are implemented in warpdrives used by Coryan citizens whether for taking a vacation though space or going out on work or school.



A primary shipyard/base used for construction of frigates, colonizers and other ships used for interplanetary colonization. Stationed near a planet that has been picked for colonization, acting as a base of operations after colonization, a docking port and trade hub for mercantile traders, it also used for ships as a repair and maintinance base, will always leave if colonization process is complete. 500 meters in diameter, they are equipped with artificial wormhole teleporation for quicker travelling through star systems. Starbases also acts as a factory for spacecraft's when raw resources are delivered.


Mercantile Ships

An cargo-type ship that Coryan merchants mainly uses to travel between markets or lead expeditions, has a large cargo that can deal with 500,000 Tons or over. It can be used as a storefront for a big mobile merchant market, collecting items on whatever they can find on planets.


Earliest known forms of interstellar ships built in Coryana and the first ship to be implemented on Interstellar engines. Scout ships were used as for reconissance missions on planets as it is used today and in the past.

Earliest Known form of Interstellar ships


More smaller but automated version of the scouts, probers are fully controlled by special AI minds that has a advantage on awarness and memory than most AI minds, used in probing missions of planetary or galactic bodies. They also have a cloak mode implemented as a way to go unoticed by the planetary natives.

Bugtoid Probers

The Coryana National Police (CNP)

The CNP is Coryana's main police force, while pretty much no crime or rebelliousness exists in the Coryan proper, raiders and other troublemakers appear in its borders, in and out but they frequently appear in outside border galaxies or planets. Xenos are also recruited.

There are 1.5 centillion CNP officers available, each of them resides from all around the nation. Each of them must have to get through 15 days of extreme training to be used to the harsh conditions in the outside border planets fighting against small guerrilla raiding organizations near the mystery line.

The Cheif-general of the CNP is appointed by the Government and the Department of Justice, all provinces and civilizations of Coryana have their own Cheif's.

The CNP is also used in evacuation plans and other emergency initiatives which are classified to foriegners .