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Bangsamoro War

Notice: Although some of the info is exaggerated, this was inspired by real events.

With the implementation of the
Moro Organic Law in the Southern Filippinas, the people might once and for all experience the end of the Bangsamoro War, and maybe even eternal peace in the region. The Bangsamoro War had costed the government of the Filippinas nearly 2,000 soldiers, 1,500 civilians, over 400 billion pesos, and the displacement of more than a 1 million people. While the Moro rebels lost about 10,000 troops.

This gruesome rebellion had lasted for more than 50 years. And although agreements between the rebels and the central government continuously failed in the past, the new President has finally and successfully negotiated peace terms. In exchange for the rebel's arms and weapons, the Central government of the Filippinas will grant autonomy to the Southern Filippinas, and it was agreed with the aforementioned Moro Organic Law being signed and passed by both sides. It will be effective on Feb. 17, 2019.
(btw this is my first dispatch, so please cut me some slack)

The filippinas