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Mentoring Program

The North Pacific Handbook

Have you ever felt lost on our forums? Do you want new opportunities to participate in our region but don't know where to start? Meet our Mentors.

Mentors exist to serve you. Looking for a place to start a burgeoning career? Looking for advice on where to start, what to join and what to do? Got assigned a task in a Ministry that you need guidance on? Need general life advice? Need a buddy? Look no further! We are here to serve you, TNP. Our mentors are experienced, knowledgeable, capable and friendly and we know the importance of needing guidance in the vast waters of this region.

Below is a list of Mentors and their contact information. They are all very happy to assist you in any way they can. You can reach out to them through Telegram, a Forum PM, on Discord, or by mentioning them on the RMB.

Nation Name

Forum Username







You can also request a Mentor Linkhere.

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