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Abdication Troubles In Government

Shinonome Kyoai - International

Tenkyo, The abdication of the Emperor has caused turmoil in parliament and the senate today as lawmakers are reading through very old and non-modern laws on the next monarch to ascend the throne. The debate has been ongoing for ten hours and there is no signs of the debate ending any-time soon. Meanwhile both sides of the issue have convincing points and are not ready to make a compromise.

The Debate

The current laws on Emperor abdication and ascension stem from a document written in 1460, after the first Emperor in Kandorese history abdicated. Xian being the first modern day Emperor to call upon this law and has announced he is to step down from the throne. The problem with the current ascension lies with the Imperial Family not having a son or grandson who has come to age, which would make the eldest daughter the logical choice, or even the Emperor's granddaughter.

The 1460 document states 'All our heavenly leaders, the son of Yorukai-ga the moon goddess', but the rest of the document does not state if this is solely directed at the Emperor at the time of writing the document. This document has led to a debate on whether or not a female member of the Imperial Family is allowed to ascend the throne. Many MP's have already decided there is no reason a female member can not ascend the throne, but for this to happen the law must be either abolished or rewritten. A second group does not oppose to an Empress, but does oppose either rewriting or abolishing the law for both monetary and historical reasons. The final and third group which split the government oppose the ascension of a woman to the throne as they hold the old law as an integral and vital part of the government, official religion and traditions.

The Outcome

Eventually the outcome will be marking a new era in Kandorese history, with the first official ascension of a member of the Imperial Family to the throne since the late 1800's. The debate also sparked numerous of comments and debates on social media. The largest topic on JIZA(地座) already has ten million shares and likes, where people in large numbers are calling for the politicians to disregard the old law and embrace the modernized world around us.

Another user said 'It is beyond devastating to see the current politics, who promised us a modern way of life and a new modern Kandorith dabbling in a law which is from another era and is best left behind. The law was written in a time where assassinations, internal warfare and inhuman practices were the order of the day. It is time to become a fully modernized empire and embrace the idea of having an Empress. Kandorith now has the chance to show the world what we truly stand for: Unity, respect and solidarity.'

As the final vote closes, the nation awaits the outcome in possible, for the Kandorese, the most important vote of the new government.