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Triangle Triangulum

Official portrait
Keep in mind that he is only smiling here in order to look good for the camera. In reality, Triangle is almost never like this.

1st CEO of GD Corp

In office
February 21, 2023 - September 1, 2082

Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Neon Geoglowitius

Corporate Director of Hedelia

Assumed office
April 8, 213X

Personal details

mmm idk

Political Party
None (GD Corp mixed-ideology standard)

GD Corp Global Headquarters, GD Corp Complex, Triangrad, Hedelia



(everything below is outdated as it was written before the retcon. ill rewrite it in the future)

"My legacy has become so important that it is inscribed on literally every foot of ground on the planet. Even if I do not become biologically immortal, I will be culturally immortal."

Triangle Triangulum is the Corporate Director of Hedelia and GD Corps Director of Corporate Affairs. He is one of the founders of GD Corp and was also its former CEO after the resignation of GD.

Born in the UOS during the Communist-Japanese War, and with his parents being known military and corporate leaders Triangle would immediately know at a young age the importance of conflict and power, as well as the basics of company management.

In 2008, while he and his family were in China to negotiate China's possible entry to the war against the Japanese, a pro-Japanese terrorist attack struck the meeting place, and both his parents were killed in the attack and subsequent battle. Triangle barely escaped and found himself witnessing the beginning of a gruesome war as China joined the war against the Japanese shortly after the attack.
Very little is known about Triangles history between 2008 and 2013, as during this period Triangle had no money and could not record anything that occurred. According to limited Chinese sources, Triangle spent these years travelling throughout China, doing jobs for money and escaping every few days as he was not officially a Chinese citizen.

In 2013, Triangle was taken by Japanese soldiers while going through Japanese-occupied Shanghai, as Japan had recently issued the "Civilian-Military Joint Participation" act, meaning that everyone the Japanese could find would fight in the military. Triangle would become a scientist despite his lack of knowledge of science and would become part of the Imperial Japanese Army.

During his times as a Japanese scientist, he met GD while they were stationed in Japanese-occupied Luzon. They would become immediate friends due to their common history (GD himself was also there as a result of the C-MJP) and begin working together. It was also during this time that Triangle developed his love for science, with him being fascinated by each experiment and their results.
During the surrender of Japanese forces in Luzon, many Japanese soldiers rushed to find any means of transportation out of the island. Triangle and GD would find themselves in this rush and end up illegally boarding a boat to Hedelia. They were immediately found by the crew and were arrested by Hedelian police following their arrival. They were arrested and put into prison for illegally boarding a naval vessel. It was during their time in prison when Hedelian police uncovered their Japanese cooperation and were immediately scheduled for execution for crimes against Hedelia.
Several days before their execution was scheduled to occur, Hedelia and most of the communist nations announced that all Japanese refugees entering communist countries would be welcomed as long as they became citizens of country they arrive in. As he and GD were essentially Japanese refugees, they were immediately freed from their prison sentence due their status. This made Triangle extremely thankful for Hedelia, and would be the very reason he would devote the rest of his life to the betterment of both the country that saved him and the world as a whole.
With the money given to him by the government due to his refugee status, he and GD would become official Hedelian citizens, and bought a house in Leningrad (now Triangrad). He and GD would immediately resume schooling and managed to accelerate their education due to the skills and knowledge they learned during the war. They would finish schooling by 2021.

In 2023, GD and Triangle decided to use most of the money they got from the government as well as from their jobs to starting a new company called the GD Science Company (later GD Corp after attaining corporation status), a science (and later science and technology) company in order to fulfill their dream of helping Hedelia. The GDSC would initially be funded mainly by Triangle and GD continuing to work on other jobs, mainly working on the GDSC as a side project.
Through the 2020's and 2030's, the GDSC would begin actually making a profit for them as the company mainly focused on the repair of broken technology, with actual innovation being set aside for a future date. The GDSC would gain several employees, and Triangle and GD would eventually quit all their other jobs to become full-time managers of the GDSC. The company would grow to be a well-known company in the area, and soon enough the company both focused on the creation, development, and fixing of machinery and other technologies.

Triangle would continue to oversee essentially all actual company development while GD represented the entire company. Their research into synthetic objects ended up giving them even more funding due to their success, and Triangle would use some of the funds to enhance himself with mechanical parts, and essentially become immortal.

Following the creation of the Atomic Fabricator, Triangles popularity as lead developer of the Fabricator increased dramatically as GD Corps popularity went up as well. At the turn of the century, GD resigned as CEO of GD Corp and became a less active member of the company. Triangle would take his place and continue to lead the company through its golden age.

With their company now effectively controlling all of Hedelia, Triangle entertained the idea of going into politics. He would create the GD Corp Political Wing in the late 2090's and the party would run in Hedelian elections, immediately becoming a majority due to their popularity. Triangle was also elected as leader of Hedelia after running a mostly-serious campaign for becoming the leader. He would essentially become their eternal leader as GD Corp continued to keep its hold on the government, and the GDPW became the only party in the Hedelian government after a century of growth.

With him now controlling the entire government, he enacted massive reforms to turn GD Corp into the main branch of government. While this was initially controversial, the achievements he had already done for the country calmed down the population, and soon enough, Triangles rule over the country became undisputed.

Over the following centuries, Triangle would continue his position as both company official and Leader of Hedelia. But he increasingly became corrupt, and wanted total domination of the entire Earth as his companys influence was essentially unchallenged. GD Corps position on global politics became aggressive during this period. During the 2400's, Neon Geoglowitius would overthrow him in a coup, thereby ending any of Triangles plans for world domination.

Following the Hedelian Civil War which sparked after Neon grew to be as corrupt as Triangle did, Triangle briefly became Provisional Leader of GD Corp in order to oversee the rebuilding of the country and the company. He eventually decided to restructure the leadership of the country into the modern High and Lower Councils, thereby giving him and Neon equal power.

Triangle eventually declared himself Corporate Director of Hedelia and gave back the CEO title back to Neon. Since then, his role as overseer of the company continued up to today. Today, he remains a major member of GD Corp and its High Council, and is seen as GD Corps secondary leader after Neon.

Personal Life
Given his position in GD Corp, Triangle has mostly remained inside of corporate drama, and has barely been seen outside of government and company property. He is mainly seen as serious and monotone, giving him a sense of authority and leadership.

Outside of corporate announcements and declarations, however, Triangle slightly opens up a bit. He speaks in a more friendly tone, and occasionally makes jokes and hangs out with his friends. However, since his actual "friends" are generally just members of the High and Lower Councils, this version of Triangle is rarely seen outside of him being near them.

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