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Tenkyo & Imakazawa, the Two Jewels

Welcome to Kandorith, いかがわ! A different world with over 4,000 years of history living in harmony with technology...
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Tenkyo: Officially Tenkyo Metropolis (天京都) one of the 33 prefectures of Kandorith, has served as the Kandorese capital since 1840. The urban area houses the Imperial Palace, the seat of the Imperial Family of Kandorith, the Kandorese government and the Imperial Mandate. Tenkyo is a part of the Kitano region on the northwestern part of the Kandorese mainland, which includes Kinsei island. Tenkyo was formally named Tenno when Tenmei Kitano Marushige made the city his headquarters in 1533. It became the capital after Emperor Yamagata moved his seat to the city from Ginza in 1840; at that time Tenno was renamed to Tenkyo. Tenkyo Metropolis formed in 1940 from the mergfer of the former Tenkyo prefecture and the city of Tenkyo. Often is the capital refered to as city, but it is officially known and governed as a metropolitan prefecture, which differs from and combines elements of both city and prefecture, a trait uniquely reserved for Tenkyo.

Imakazawa: Imakazawa is the largest city in Kandorith by population, and the most populous municipality in all of the country. It is the capital city of the Hideozawa Prefecture. It lies on Tenkyo Bay, to the southeast of Tenkyo, in the Kitano region on the mainland of Kandorith. It is a major commercial and entertainment hub in the Greater Tenkyo Area.

Imakazawa's population of 69,6 million makes it Kandorith's largest city. Imakazawa developed rapidly as the most prominent port city within the country following the end of the isolationist politics in the mid-19th century. Even today the city remains one of the major ports in the country along with Higaku, Tenkyo and Higashu.

Higaku: The City of Higaku is a designated city in the Saitei region of Kandorith. It is the capital of the Shoga Prefecture and the largest component of the Saitei Metropolitan Area. The second largest metropolitan area in Kandorith. The city is known for it's iconic port structures, like the Shikashi Port Tower, and the notorious shopping and nightlife. Higaku is also one of the major tourist destinations within the country, most notable for it's many well preserved castles dating all the way back to the early 1300's.

Higashu: Higashu is the largest city in the Kubo region of Kandorith. It is the nation's fourth-largest designated city and the third-most-populous urban area. It is located on Yori Island in the most northeastern reaches of the nation. After Tenkyo, Makazawa and Higaku, Higashu is the major port of Kandorith. It is also the center of the country's third-largest metropolitan region, known as the Kubo metropolitan area. As of 2016, 43200000 million people lived in the city, part of the Kubo metropolitan area's 189,6 million people.

Hayazawa: is the fifth largest city of Kandorith by population, and the largest city in the western reaches of the country. It is the capital of the Kamigawa Prefecture and the Santori Subprefecture. It is an ordinance-designed-city. The city is most widely known for it's beautiful parks, theme parks and the annual Hayazawa snow festival.

Exterior view of the Imperial Palace in Tenkyo

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