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General Assembly Resolution #9: "Founder Ceasing to Exist"

Sponsor / Author: The Egalitarian Democracy of Karteria

Category: Constitutional Amendment

Affects: World Assembly members, Founder, Region

While the founder, Achipel, is currently active, and thus there are no significant threats to the region, it is still necessary to have an official protocol in case the founder "ceases to exist."

"Raiding" or "invasions" occur when a founder does just that. When the founder is gone, the current World Assembly delegate absorbs all of the founder's equivalent powers. This development means the delegate can control the World Factbook Entry, pin dispatches, suppress posts on the regional message board, eject/ban nations, etcetera. While the current nations in the region are highly unlikely to use these powers in a detrimental way, if enough outside nations (with bad intentions) enter the region, join the world assembly, and endorse their own member enough to become the new delegate, then the region can essentially be hijacked. If you wish to know more about NationStates "military gameplay," look here.

As such, it is pertinent to determine how the current World Assembly Delegate, Regional Officers, and the rest of the region should operate under these circumstances.

To prevent a potential incursion in the future, Chapter V will be amended to include the following after 23:

    24 - Ceasing to Exist

    In the event that the founder ceases to exist, all World Assembly nations are required to endorse the current World Assembly delegate. Any nations not already in the World Assembly are encouraged to join and endorse the WAD.

    The WAD, while the founder is nonexistent, will assume the role abdicated by the founder. All aforementioned sections of this constitution previously applicable to the founder will then apply to the delegate. As such, the WAD should be treated as the premier executive of the region by all nations within it. Furthermore, the WAD should act in the best interests of the region, as the founder would have, by maintaining the integrity of this constitution, the regional government, and other activities of the region.

    The Secretary of Defense and Information should further coordinate with other regional officers, especially the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, to closely monitor all nations entering the region and their activities. The regional officers and WAD may eject/ban nations from the region under the same constraints previously given to the founder in 23 of this constitution.

    The WAD or another regional officer should remind all nations of this process when applicable and encourage them to report any suspicious activity to a regional officer.

    If the founder becomes active again and returns to the region, then 24 of this constitution is no longer in effect, and the region resumes normal activities.