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Kandorith's Emperor Abdicates

Emperor Xan To Step Down From The Throne

Prime Minister Tou Shunzu confirmed today that Emperor Xan will abdicate from the imperial throne to have his son ascend the throne. Tou Shunzu also expressed the coming year will be pivotal and full difficulties, referring to the emperor stepping down.

Emperor Xan was the first emperor to ascend the throne since the fall of the socialist regime in 1964. With Emperor's Day coming up later this week, the emperor has cited it was time for him to step down. After almost 55 years his abdication will mark the end of the Xa period.

The next era will be the Kaito era. With the naming of the new era, the Kandorese calendar will also mark it's first year in this era.

Tumultuous Xa Era

The Xa era has been a very moving and vivid era. After the ruins of the restoration war, Kandorith had to open up to a modern world on it's own. A strong start in this era marked the later success the nation would achieve, but this would not be without uneventful years.

To the outside world Emperor Xan will mostly be remembered for the long and dragging Kan-Meisho war, which lasted for over twelve years. Eventually the emperor and the prime minister met with the royal house of Meisho and brokered a peace treaty which stopped the small scale war.

The next era looks towards a peaceful and prosperous start, as emperor Xan has opened the nation to the outside world, international trade, tourism and the world wide political stage. His rule spanning over five decades now comes to an end marking the true start of a new Kandorith including a new imperial house.