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Earlier today, the emperor pronounced a speech after the public pressured him about affairs with OSEAN. It has been a long week since Arthur took back power, and having to deal with all the havoc left behind by Getúlio Halin has not been an easy task, even with Soviet volunteers.
“Silence! Silence. Today, I, Emperor Arthur de Freitas Misseno López Mündel, declare that, with a heavy heart, the Empire will end all relations with the alliance OSEAN. Individual nations that are in the alliance will not have diplomatic ties cut, but due to the fact that one of the leaders, Hong Kong Empire did nothing about the tyrant coup AND EVEN STATING that a fascist government like the one of Getúlio was allowed in the alliance, made me be disgusted at a nation I once admired for their rich history and magnitude. This event even showed how ignorant one can be, as The Tyzong Emperor, in his statement addressing the war, told Lungha, one of the big heroes of this war, to ceese hostilities with an OSEAN member, although the government accepted in the alliance was gone, and for whomever destroyed the Crown isles’ embassy, to repay them, ignoring that Tommatito, also a memeber of OSEAN, had their embassy destroyed. This event shows how much OSEAN really cares about its members and who really matters to them. Thus, as a counteroffer, Xiao, from Lungha offered me and The Soviet States of Europe a spot at the Ironblood alliance and L’accorde, for protection and help for recovery from the war. After much thought on the topic, me and FSSE have decided to apply and possibly join IB and L’accord, bettering our economic, civil and military state. Thank you for your time”- ended Emperor Arthur. What comes next, we don’t know, but if our emperor sees light in this dark tunnel, we will sure as hell follow him.

Now, for the weather...