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Emissary Report - January 2019

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: January 2019
Population: 1,114
Delegate Endorsements: 335
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The following is the Emissary Report for January 2019.


As of this report's publication, the government of 10000 Islands consists of:

~ Chief Executive: Woonsocket
~ WA Delegate: Kuriko
~ Senator of Lyonesse East: Louisistan
~ Senator of Himes West: Twobagger
~ Senator of Blue Canaria North: Sargon Reman
~ Senior Senator of New Republica South: Jabberwocky
~ Minister of Immigration: New ecopia
~ Minister of Labor: Paffnia
~ Minister of Education: Markanite

TITO Command

As of the publication of this report, TITO command consists of:

~ Commander-in-Chief: Woonsocket
~ Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~ Tactical Officer: Kortexia
~ Tactical Officer: Sorya
~ Tactical Officer: Shy Guyia
~ EF Tactical Officer: Smugglers and Mercs
~ Executive Officer: Hakketomat
~ Executive Officer: Aschente

Political News

An election was held in January for the Senate seats of Blue Canaria North and New Republica South, with a special election for the Himes West Senate seat as well. Sargon Reman ran unopposed for Blue Canaria North while Twobagger and Siuts ran in a very tight race for Himes West. Jabberwocky and the esteemed Markanite contended for the New Republica South Senate seat but Markanite withdrew after being chosen as the new Minister of Education just three days before the conclusion of the election. Sargon Reman, Jabberwocky and Twobagger are the January election winners.

News Around The Islands

- Senior Senator Jabberwocky has won Taco Island Charities' Seventh Annual Paffnia Prize! Kortexia has won the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ruby Prize and Kuriko and Alkasia have won the Baden-Wuerttemberg Opal Prize.
- Chief Executive Woonsocket has named Markanite as the next Minister of Education
- Delegate Kuriko led a visit to the region of Canada.
- Minister of Education Markanite has hired Na Kanaka Isles, The Tasmanian Islands, and Alemputo to the 10000 Islands Official Welcome Committee.
- Minister of Education Markanite has hired The Soylent Green Party, Free Land of Rebellium, Dustwind, and The Tasmanian Islands to the TIBOE (Ten thousand Islands Brigade of Official Endorsers) program.
- Tuga Nation has been named Deputy Minister of Education.
- The Council rejected NS 286-1: Driselbia Embassy Request by consensus because members of the region were active raiders/imperialist.
- The Council rejected NS 286-2: New Western Atlantic Embassy Request Request by consensus due to the result of the last embassy request vote.
- The Council passed NS 286-3: South Pacific Embassy Request 4-0, with 1 abstention and 4 delegations to the delegate's prerogative
- Paffnia, longtime 10KI citizen, was Commended by the WA Security Council. Congratulations Paffnia! This brings the number of Commended islanders to five.
- Sargon Reman has been appointed Regional Reserve Chair.

Written by Sargon Reman