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Staris time 😱😱😱😱😱

On Sunday, The 10th of February, 11:21 PM the dictator of Lusitania, Staris has announced her new policies both foreign and internal.

- Staris has occupied the unowned and unclaimed province to the North, Beira Litoral. Although inhabited the area seemed to be both habited and civilized, Staris himself was rather surprised and started turning the men into traps as she did in her home province.

-After the occupation he built a road from Lisbon, around the countryside and ending it in Coimbra. Another project she enacted is what she called the ‘Mines Wonder’ which revolves around concentrating her mining industry around much more resource-rich areas of the country, leaving the less plentiful lands with either small outputs or none at all.

- A few minutes after, she published her structure of government. It was incredibly simple, granting him absolute power over the nation itself with him appointing governors, although their main purpose is to monitor the provinces and any sort of projects or activity in them.

- Staris sent a message to all leaders of the world, both by letter and by giving a speech in Portugal. ‘We wish to co-operate with every and all leaders to achieve prosperity for the world, but come in the way of a United Portugal or Iberia and I must be afraid such co-operation conflict should our interests.’

- To the surprise of many, both abroad and in her own country her army, which is composed of the feminized men seems to be both fighting and functioning as any other, although women and transgendered individuals are banned from serving in the Land Forces, although women have been granted permission to serve in other branches such as the Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.

Cool stairs