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NationStates Guide [all links]

NationStates Guide about NationStates

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Site Rules:
- The One Stop Rules Shop
- Terms & Conditions of Use

BB-Codes in text messages:
These BBCode-like tags can be used in Dispatches, Telegrams, Regional Message Board (RMB) posts, Regional World Factbook Entries (WFEs), and World Assembly proposals.
Not all tags are valid for all message types: see The Complete List of NSCodes.

NS Frequently Asked Questions:
- Abridged version > NationStates Help - FAQ
- In-Depth version > NS FAQ

Older NationStates Guide:
- 2015's NS Guide about the general things in NationStates to be known by the new players.
- 2016's NationStates Guide about the basics and updated in 2017.
- 2016's TWP Survival Guide to NS - a guide made by the regional officers of The West Pacific.

NS Nation Issues List:
- NationStates Issues - This thread lists every issue in the game with Dilemmas and responses. Pick an issue from the list and decide which are acceptable and unacceptable responses to it for your region.
- LinkNS Issues Effect Lines - This page created by Trotterdam lists the resulting effect line that appears in the nation's happenings after answering an issue. Use this page to know what effect lines to look for from acceptable/unacceptable responses for your nation's issue policy.

Activity Feed or API - Found at the top of every region page, the activity feed shows all the changes happening in the region. This may be used to monitor a region. For example, you can filter it to only show 'laws' (issue responses) so it is easier to view law changes in the region. - Example: API The_South_Pacific Laws Filter (by filter), or you can watch the simple Regional Activity as it is shown in NationStates - example: NS Page=Activity/View=Region_The_South_Pacific.

Issues are political decisions that players make, which shape their nations as a result.

Telegrams are private messages that can be sent between players.

A newly-founded nation in NationStates begins with a population of 5 million. Every 24 hours, the population of a nation increases.

A nation's dossier is a compilation of brief information on other nations & regions which a player can select. This show a limited number of nations & regions in the Dossier.

Settings is a page where a player can modify aspects of his/her nation.

People, Government and the Economy
People: A pie-chart illustrating the leading causes of death throughout your nation.
Government: An illustration showing the distribution of your budget.
Economy: An illustration of the division of the public and private sectors.

Every day, the game will generate a Census Report on a particular subject and will rank all nations and regions from highest to lowest. Such topics include 'Most Extreme', 'Most Cultured' and 'Best Healthcare'. Score well enough and you'll be awarded a little medal that appears on your nation's page.

NationStates Useful/Rare Links
- About NationStates: page=about
- Terms and conditions: pages/legal.html
- Email Privacy Policy: pages/why_email.html
- Forgotten passwords: page=forgot_password
- Getting Help: page=help
- NS for Educators: page=educators
- NationStates Store: page=store
- The Boneyard: page=boneyard
- Change regions: page=change_region
- Create a region: page=create_region
- List regions and Region Tags: page=list_regions
- Dispatches: page=dispatches
- Factbooks of dead nations: page=exfactbooks
- Past General Assembly Resolutions: page=WA_past_resolutions/council=1
- Past Security Council Resolutions: page=WA_past_resolutions/council=2
- Historical Resolutions: page=UN_past_resolutions
- Advanced Dossier Manager: page=dossier_advanced
- 10th Anniversary Minigame: page=challenge
- All About Influence: page=influence
- Mobile Site: Link
- Compare your nation to another(Without a challenge): page=compare
- Election for the World Assembly Secretary-General: page=election

Information for script authors
API (Application Programming Interface) script guidance: pages/api.html
Verify Login for API use: page=verify_login
Non-template nation page: page=panel/template-overall=none
Non-template region page: region=the_rejected_realms/template-overall=none
Menu-only template: page=panel/template-overall=minimal

Unofficial semi-offsite pages of interest
Embedded #nationstates IRC chatroom: page=chat
NS Twitter:
NS Facebook:

NS Etiquette
- Etiquette - How to avoid the wrath of admin.

- LinkNSWiki - Automatically updated official NationStates Wiki. Uses bots to collect an accurate plethora of information about nations and regions.
- LinkIIWiki - A Wiki created for In-Character content.
- LinkWikiStates - An unofficial fan-made Wiki utilising Wikia.
- LinkNSIndex
- LinkNSDossier

- Who is [violet]? Only the mods know for sure.
There is speculation that [violet] may be Max Barry’s pseudonym – or [violet] might just be Max’s codemonkey. That question is one that we players are unlikely to ever get a straight answer to.
- What is the Violet's Cult? There are some National issues using the "Violet" name as about a religion or cult. There is speculation that it's the creation of Max Barry as replacement of some names of religions.
- NS Archives: NSArchives, LinkRegion Flags, LinkWFE Index.
- NS Economy Calculators: LinkNSEconomy, LinkNSSuite.

External Applications and Augmentations (outside the game)
1) Attention: these external applications are not supported by NS game but made by users (years ago) as auxiliary "expansions" to NS and if using these you're on your own risk;
- LinkLinkNationStates++ - A Browser Extension allows easy switching between Puppet Nations, allows creation of Regional Newspapers (Viewable by other NS++ users), various news sections, reorganised pages and various other aesthetic changes LinkIIWiki
- LibreNS++ - An alternative Browser Extension to NS++. It adds a Live RMB Display, Puppet Nation Management and an update checker. LibreNS++ is compatible with some NS++ features.
- LinkLink Nation States -free- - This is an Android App that allows nations to answer issues and compare and track statistics.
- LinkLink NSDroid - This is an Android App that allows nations to post on the Regional RMB, compose and read Telegrams, and utilise the dossier.
- LinkAutoTelegram
- LinkNationManager v0.2
2) for R/D Gameplay:
- SerinApprox - This utilises data from NS++ to calculate Update Times for regions. It tends to work better on more active regions as it has more data to go off.
- LinkLinkNSBreeze - This is a Browser Extension that adds keyboard shortcuts that assist R/D Gameplay
- LinkLinkWFE Index - This allows nations to look at past versions of Regional WFE Entries to allow retrieval following a tag raid
- Nation Manager - This logs into a given list of puppets to prevent them from ceasing to exist
- Flags: LinkPNG, LinkPhoto, LinkSVG, LinkConverter; LinkLinkFlagMakerJr.
- Generators: LinkClass, LinkCoat of Arms, LinkMotto.
- Name Examples: LinkAnimal, LinkCity, LinkCountry, LinkCurrency, LinkLeader.
- Propaganda Examples: LinkInspiration, LinkPlatform, LinkRhetoric.
- Speech Examples: LinkCampaign, LinkPress Release.
- Recruitment Telegrams via API: The Simple Guide to Sending Telegrams via API; How to set up a Recruitment Campaign for your region on NS++; nstg-web (web app to auto-TG nations); Manual Telegram Recruitment (Easy Alternative For Stamps and API) and checking its info here: Link, and API Documentation; also these: NS-cgi-bin-newnations and NS-World-Activity-founding-nations.
3) Third Party Sites:
- Useful NS sites and Utilities - other sources and 3rd party sites
- NationStates Utilities - other sources and 3rd party sites
- LinkImgBB - You can upload .png files here in order to post pictures in dispatches
- LinkFamilyEcho - You can create a custom online family tree
- LinkCustom Google Maps - How to draw lines on google maps, basically
- LinkCustom Poll Maker
- LinkRandomness Generator - Randomly generate numbers and other stuff
- LinkCustom Legislature Apportionment Chart - You can use this to show a visual of your legislature's political power divide
- LinkCustom Planet Creator - Defines the qualities of a random planet as you please
- LinkGeneral RPG Tools - for RPG needs
- LinkDice Roller
- LinkMapChart - for making maps

- In NS, Nation is a user-created account which simulate virtually the idea of a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory and where the user start as the nation's leader. This may be used also as a profile of the user's political beliefs. However, despite the fact that an user can create many nations he wish, a player can use only one nation in the World Assembly, otherwise the player can get severe punishment on the NS site ("warning" at first time only if lucky, but you can get "banned IP" in many cases). Read the NS rules.
- A Guide to Different Issue Types
- NationStates Policies
- Flag
- Customizable Features
- Issues > this is about Issues
- NS Moderation
- Trophies
- [Forum Topic] Nation's political level of Freedom measurement
- About Nation Creation and Categories (every WA category for nations and how to create a nation to fulfill certain categories)

- Dispatches are statements issued by your nation and fall in to one of four categories:
1 Factbook: Descriptions relating to your nation, or anything you choose.
2 Bulletin: For all things relating to gameplay.
3 Account: Articles or stories about your nation.
4 Meta: Matters relating to gameplay which stem from a real-life perspective.
- NationStates Library (basic)
- The Complete List of NSCodes
- How to Write a Dispatch
- How to create a Wikipedia-style Factbook
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Guide to Coding a Dispatch
- LinkGeneral BBCode Guide
- LinkLink BBCode Color List
- Macros in Factbooks - your nation info data auto-updating.
- LinkGeneral Symbols - Copy and paste all kinds of symbols;
- LinkEmojis - Copy and paste emojis
5 Templates: Blank examples for your dispatches.
- Nation Overview Template - Describes aspects about your nation
- Factbook Templates - overview template examples (almanac, and holidays outline)
- Foreign Relations and Embassies Template - How your nation interacts with others around the world
- Legislature Wiki - describing your lawmaking body;
- Military Wiki (1) and Military Wiki (2) - Describes military in a general sense;
- Legislature Election Wiki - your lawmaking body's election cycle;
- Character Template - See modernized sidebar for this template;
- Person Wiki - describe your favorite characters;
- Noble House Wiki - for dukes and duchesses;
- Constitution Template - Can be used by nations and international institutions alike;

- In NS, Region is an area or division, especially part of the NS world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries. It is a community of nations which generally incorporates at least five basic social values that all regions are expected to provide and uphold for the benefit of their citizens.
- Delegates are elected by a region to serve as their representative at the World Assembly. Unlike ordinary members, they have the ability to approve newly-suggested resolutions. Delegates may also have administrative control over their region, though this is entirely dependent on the settings decided with the region's creation.
- About Endorsements
- About Influence
- Basics of Military Gameplay
- Basics of Region-Building
- Guide to Recruiting
- Regional Controls
- Regional Raiding/Defending Military Guide
- Basics of Defending

The World
- The NS World

World Assembly
- The WA is the world's governing body. Membership is voluntary, but all member nations must abide by legislation it passes. [More Information] The World Assembly has member nations and Regional Delegates. The oldest Council of the World Assembly, the General Assembly concerns itself with international law. Its resolutions are applied immediately upon passing in all WA member nations. The Security Council recognizes and responds to individual nations and regions, with the aim of ensuring global harmony. By being a member, your nation can endorse other nations, and also receive endorsements. You may also vote on the current WA resolution, shown by clicking on 'World Assembly' in the side-bar on NS. With two endorsements, you are allowed to submit proposals to the WA, which may be put up for a vote if they receive enough support.
- General Assembly Guide
- Security Council Guide
- General Assembly Q&A
- GA Proposal Rules & General Advices
- So, ‘You say you want a Resolution’ : A beginners’ guide to writing GA proposals

Gameplay (OOC)
- Gameplay (as opposed to role-play) is what happens in the game and that which is related to it. At a basic level, it involves playing NationStates the game, but it also encompasses the organisation of this gameplaying, which often takes place on regional offsite forums, chats or Regional Message Board. Gameplay includes (but is not limited to) nation management, regional politics and the invader/defender gameplay.
- Gameplay Advice Thread
- Region-Building Guide
- Daily Issues List
- Issues FAQ
- Capital/Religion/Leader FAQ
- N-Day: What You Need to Know
- Raiding Guide (in 2015)
- Some Military Gameplay Basics
- List of Founderless regions
- NS Political Theory Complete Anthology

Role-plays (IC)
- In simple terms Role-Play is mostly just creating and building a character that leads your country, you act as a leader of a nation (make decisions political, military and economic). So you create your countries story and then Role-Play is out with other Role-players in a map (usually).
- New to Roleplay? [FORUM INFO] P2TM DEPOT
- International Incidents
- Factbooks & National Info
- Global Economics & Trade
- NS Sports
- Portal to the Multiverse
- NS Military Realism Consultation Thread Vol. 11.0

NationStates Forum
- NS Forum
- NSGeneral Subforum - Information
- Memberlist and by total posts
- NS Player Profiles Info
- NS Forum BBCode Guide - Outlines how to use BBCode on the forums only.

- Store is the page where to browse NS shelves and shopping at NationStates, also you can gift this purchase to someone else. Your purchase is applied to one nation. It doesn't expire: you keep it for the lifetime of your nation. It isn't transferrable, so please make sure you're logged in as the right nation, or, in the case of gifts, that the right nation is displayed as a giftee at the top of this page. If the nation ceases to exist due to inactivity, your purchase isn't lost and will be restored along with the nation when you return (in terms of 3 years if you're not Site-Supporter). Purchases are final and non-refundable. They don't grant exemptions from site rules, and can't be transferred or recovered from nations that are deleted by moderators.

- NS News is the page where the news and events in game are shown.

1. Glossary
- Ban: An act which prevents a nation from entering a given region.
- Cease-to-Exist (CTE): The deletion of a nation after a period of inactivity lasting 28 days or 60 days if vacation mode is set. A nation can be 'refounded' by the owner by login.
- Eject: An act of ejecting a nation from a region. This can be performed by the Founder (with cost to the nation) or by the Delegate (with an influence cost incurred on the Delegate). Nations who have been ejected will relocate involuntarily to The Rejected Realms.
- Feeders: Regions that new nations are founded in. Sinkers include The Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, and The East Pacific.
- Founder: A nation who 'founded' the region and hence is the original inhabitant. The Founder, depending on access to the administration panel, has the power to ban, eject, banject nations, change tags, suppress RMB posts, change the flag, construct and close embassies, and change the World Factbook Entry.
- Sinkers: Regions that nations returning to the game, or in the case of The Rejected Realms are ejected from a different region go to. Sinkers include Lazarus, Osiris, Balder, and The Rejected Realms.
- Out-of-character (OOC): Post of this sort is used to convey messages unrelated to the roleplay, such as informing fellow players that you will be out of town for a week and therefore will not be online in NationStates.
- Puppets: Nations created to be used secondary to the primary nation. Some players choose to use puppet nations as WA nations while others choose to use it to boost a region's population. Reasons vary and there is nothing wrong with creating puppets for one's purpose.
- Regional Message Board (RMB): A chat function visible in a region (scroll down the region's homepage). This aspect allows nations to communicate and displays their flag as well as allowing them to 'like' others' messages and quote them.
- Telegram (TG): A private messaging system that acts as emails for NS.
- Warzones: Regions which have no founder and cannot be refounded. In these regions, ejections/bannings do not incur an influence drain on the Delegate but can only last a limited amount of time. Warzones include Warzone Airspace, Warzone Africa, Warzone Europe, Warzone Asia, Warzone Australia, and Warzone Sandbox.
- World Assembly (WA): An institute of global governance in NationStates, similar to the United Nations in real-life.
- World Assembly Delegate: A nation who possess the largest number of WA endorsements in the region, thereby allowing it to represent the region in the World Assembly.
- World Factbook Entry (WFE): World Factbook Entry is an area visible at the top of a region's homepage which describes the region, etc. Typically, it would state members of the region's governing entity, links to an offsite forum, etc.

- Other Glossary:
- NationStates Encyclopedia [REF] by "August"
- NationStates Pages [REF] by August
- Glossary of Terms by Karteria

2. NS Newspapers
- The NewsStand (NS Newspaper)
- The Independent Newspaper
- NationStates Today (Newspaper)
- The Rejected Times
- The Times

3. Multiregional Campaigns in NS:
- Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment
- Pro-Life International FAQ
- Save The Internet (again...)
- Socialist Campaign "The Ugly Truth of the World Assembly - A Guide to Those Who do not Know" and Fixing the Issues of the World Assembly - A Sequel
- What Libertarians Are and Aren't
- #GETVAXXED Campaign
- The Southern World Assembly Initiative
- Civil Defence Siren
- Earth isn't waiting for our response!!
- We Can Stop Climate Change Together!
- What’s Gonna Happen When You Die?
- Anti Fairy Pact

4. Other Things:
- Flag Makers/Requests II
- Seal and Logo Request Thread
- Top NS Issues Examples
- LinkPlanet Map Generator
- LinkMap to Globe
- LinkWorld-Time-Zones
- Latin Motto Clinic
- Human Development Index
- Democracy Index
- Religious Tolerance Survey
- World-Building Survey (every fact about your nation can go here)

5. Special Real-Life World Related
- Coronavirus (COVID-19) Informational Dispatch
- Depression & Suicide Support Resources

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