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How to Deal with your Kostuan Legacy

"Ahh yes, we've been expecting you. You'll have to be recorded before you're officially released. There are a few ways we can do this, and the choice is yours."

Welcome to Arkonos. Hope youíll enjoy your stay!
First thing first. Arkonos is a shared RP universe where we all share the same world. This means that there will be lore and history affecting people that we need to take into consideration.
One big part of our shared backstory is that roughly 300 years ago most of the continent of Sokos was ruled by the Kostuan Empire

If youíve decided to start your nation in one of the areas previously controlled by the Kostuan Empire you will need to take that history into consideration. (How much you do it is however completely up to you)

Today Kostua Sol cover what can be considered Kostua Proper, this is the ancestral homeland of the Kostuans. Even during the greatest extent of the empire anny area outside of the modern borders would be considered a Dominion. Your nation would have historically been such a Kostuan Dominion if you fall within the old borders of the Empire.

Now you may ask yourself; And how was it being a Kostuan Dominion?
The answer is that itís all up to you!

Iíll now explain some Kostuan terminology and how they did stuff and you can mix it up into a backstory that you feel best suits your nation.

Dominion: A Dominion was a territory within the Kostuan Empire with a majority non-Kostuan population that was ruled by a Governor.

How does this affect me?: If your nation exist within the old borders of the Kostuan Empire then you will have had an historic status as a Dominion.

Governor: A Governor was an ethnic Kostuan noble that had absolute power over the Dominion that he controlled. They ruled as they saw fit and thus every Governor could be unique.

How does this affect me?: as a former Dominion your lands will have been ruled by a Governor. Do you want the time under Kostua to have been grim and harsh? Then say that your Governors were greedy or evil! Do you want the time under Kostua to not have been that bad? Say that your Governors were generally gentle, kind or simply disinterested. Or maybe they let a local rule in their stead as a Viceroy.

Viceroy: A Viceroy was a person local to its Dominion that served under a Governor and enforced the will of the Governor in his stead, acting as a puppet-king.

How does this affect me?: Do you want to keep an ancient line of kings despite having been a Dominion? Say that your Governors let the land be ruled by your own king, acting as a viceroy. Or do you want a history of tyrant kings? Say that the Kostuan Governors appointed evil locals as Viceroys. Descendants of your Viceroys could even be living in Kostua today! Dreaming of returning to rule their old lands. Itís all up to you.

Settlers: A Settler is an ethnic Kostuan that have moved to a Dominion. Historically Kostuans move around motivated by two things: Gold and Glory. Places could easily see lots of Kostuan settlers after becoming a Dominion. Usually rich nobles moved in together with their subjects.

How does this affect me?: Do you want a Kostuan minority in your country that can be mocked for being Kostuans? Do it! Don't you want anything with the Kostuans to do? Simply say that settlers never really came to your country, or that you killed off most of them after the Fall of the Empire. Using Settlers in your history allowes for you to regulate how much of Kostuan culture and other shenanigans that you chose to adopt or ignore.

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