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Neon Geoglowitius

Official portrait

2nd CEO of GD Corp
Assumed Office
September 1, 2082
Preceded by Triangle Triangulum

Corporate Director of Scientificum
Assumed Office
February 21, 2117

Personal details

December 11, 2003 (139 years old)
Stockholm, Nordic Federation

Political Party
None (GD Corp mixed-ideology standard)
LinkPolitical Alignment

GD Corp Global Headquarters, GD Corp Complex, Triangrad, Hedelia (primary)
GD Corp Regional, Scientificum Headquarters, GD Corp Neon City Complex,
Stockholm-Neon City, Scientificum (secondary)



Neon Geoglowitius is a Scientist business magnate, politician, investor, and philanthropist. He is best known as the Chief Executive Officer of GD Corporation, having also taken the position of Marketing Director, and being the head of numerous GD Corp subsidiaries, the largest being GDTech. Neon is also a member of the companys High Council, and is the largest individual shareholder in the company, having maintained his 20% share since it was granted to him. He is one of the most well-known individuals of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

Neons current body is made out of a Yoyle Metal-Plastic hybrid which maximizes strength and minimizes weight. The electrified glass tubes that contain the chemicals to give off light (which, despite popular belief, aren't fully neon: the central lights are actually xenon, while the outer bands are actually neon) are made of a modified version of this hybrid that was created to be more transparent. Very little remains of the original body and composition, mostly around the Yoyle fluid flow channels that are vital in keeping him alive and other important areas. These areas have been covered with the newer metal, however. As a result of his composition, Neon is among one of the most fragile high-ranking officials of GD Corp, and therefore has an extremely large number of bodyguards in dangerous circumstances. He's also very easy to tip over, and he'll get very angry if you do so..

Life and History
Neon Geoglowitius was born to the Geoglowitius family, a French-Nordic influenced Object family in the Nordic Federation. the Geoglowitius' were a family of Object slaves brought from New France to work in Metropolitan France. The family would be influenced by their French masters as a result. During the French Revolution, the Geoglowitius' fled to the more tolerant Swedish Empire to avoid persecution, and would later be further influenced by them.

Neon would have a relatively uneventful childhood, but as his teenage years began, he began seeing the Objectophobic sentiment shared by much of the world, and sought to change it. Seeing how heavily the world began to rely on new and innovative technologies, especially on the field of entertainment, he would study science and technology during his high school and college years. He dreamed of founding a company which would develop future technologies for the world, and hoped that it would change the worlds view on Objects to be more positive. After graduating from college, he decided to take a trip to France to see the Objectophobia for himself. It was during this trip to France where he first met P.T. (Pink Triangle) Triangulum and began contacting the Triangulum family. Upon realizing that Triangle was founding GD Corp, Neon asked if he could be part of it, with the company sharing much of his goals. Triangle accepted, and several years later would arrange his emigration to the UK to begin his employment.

Neon would gradually rise up the ranks and would go on to rival Triangle in terms of relevance in GD Corp. The main reason for his rise in popularity was his more happy and energetic personality and his ambitious opinions on the future of the world, being in stark contrast to the more realistic yet more pessimistic Triangle. First being Head of the GD Corp Technology Division (later GDTech), he would manage to secure deals for the funding of the company for various projects. His charisma and ability to get anyone to do what he wanted made him an ideal future leader for the company. Along with this, his characteristics and personality made him appeal more to the young and growing number of employees of the company. Triangle would eventually concede, giving his position of CEO to Neon in the late 21st century, citing much of the same reasons. Neon would oversee GD Corp during its explosion in popularity following the sale of the Atomic Fabricator, resulting in the funding of many of the projects and products GD Corp is known for today. He would also be responsible for the Nordic Federation replacing Great Britain as the home country of GD Corp, eventually establishing himself as the Corporate Director of Scientificum.

Personal Life
Although Neon is mostly seen as a cold, lifeless corporate bureaucrat outside of the Hedelic world, especially in nations where Object xenophobia remain rampant, he is, according to most GD Corp-approved reports, very much the polar opposite. Neon, much like most of the other high-ranking officials in GD Corp, is socially active and cheerful, which follows with GD Corps policy of connecting with the people in order to cater to their needs.

Neon is rarely seen acting in a serious or formal manner, as he mostly hangs around major GD Corp facilities an socializes with GD Corps employees in a casual manner. Officially, this is in order to gauge out the public and the employees opinions on living and working in areas of major GD Corp influence, his seemingly genuine enthusiasm about it has made most people overlook this factor, as Neon has almost never been seen regretting his time with his fellow workers. Employees have reported his tone as humorous and witty, and has been regarded as being unlike most of the other people of his ranking, being seen as the near-opposite of Triangle Triangulum, the CEO before him. In the rare instance where Neon is seen in a formal setting, he tends to not take the whole matter seriously. Although keeping up with the formalities for most of the time, he'll often use seize every chance he gets to lighten the mood and attempt to gain the trust of others like him (although they are mostly more serious about the whole affair) on a deep and personal level.

Despite the near-universal support he has in GD Corp and the Hedelic world, however, Neon has still been at the center of some controversy. Chief among them being how his tone seems to change whenever he is speaking to other members of the GD Corp High Council. Although he remains his usual tone around them, there are several notable differences, including his willingness to bring up secrets and other controversial topics in comparison. Recordings of Neon in his 'private tone' have occasionally appeared online, with the most viral ones being about his supposed 'true' opinions on a certain person or group. Other controversies include the lack of documentation on his early life, and his mentions of alleged 'historical' events that didn't actually occur.

Neon is single, officially due to his position as both CEO of GD Corp and Corporate Director of Scientificum meaning that he doesn't have much time to cater to the needs of a specific individual and raise a family of his own. Despite this, however, he has expressed interest for several individuals throughout his life, only to immediately claim that he had never made these remarks shortly after.

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