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Jeltronian Forces Base Jading Military Area

Base Map

Base Information
Jeltronian Forces Base Jading (JFB Jading), also known as the Jading Joint Military Command Area (JJMCA), provides, operates and sustains superior service in support of combat readiness and security of ships, aircraft, detachments and personnel for regional and combatant command requirements; and enables operations in the region while fostering postive relations between the Nabetseican Kingdom of Jeltronia and the Soracana islands. JFB Jading is led by a Captain of the Royal Navy, currently Capt. Charles W. Gray.

The Base supports approximately 4,000 Jeltronian military and civilian personnel and contractors. Additionally, the base provides employment for approximately 1,000 local and third country nation workers.

The Base is located in the southern portion of Jading Federal Municipality close to its border with Pakel Island. The base is spread across 2 Jading districts, Ambarjading and Tuga, is adjacent to Jading Airfield's runway and less than 2 km southeast of Jading Naval Base, granting forces assigned to the base access to key Soracana naval and air facilities.

Jeltronia-Soracana Maritime Rescue Center
Jeltronia-Soracana Maritime Rescue Center in the Nilam District, west of Jading Naval Base, is a jointly run state of the art facility for anti-piracy, weather forecasting, maritime rescue operations for the use of Jeltronia and Soracana. JESOMRC was established to provide emergency services to distressed military personnel, military vessels. Use for civilian assistance shall also be allowed upon request. For administrative purposes, it is subordinated under JFB Jading.

Access to the base needs to be coordinated at least seven days in advance with the camp sponsor, who must be an accredited Jeltronian military of MND civilian personnel. Contractors are generally not allowed to bring dependents and visitors in the base.

Per agreement with the Soracana government, a Soracana officer is granted access to all areas of the base 24/7. Soracana accredited military personnel are likewise granted clearance to visit and use the base upon prior coordination with MND.