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by The Independent American Commune of Recoil Ridge. . 207 reads.

Mayor of the Independent American Commune of Recoil Ridge, Mary Jane Ross

“Tyranny is claustrophobic: you can’t breathe when tyrants are in your comfort zone.”
- Mayor of the Independent American Commune of Recoil Ridge, Mary Jane Ross

“Eh, I’ll take my chances.”
- Gary Montgomery Stu, realizing how...too lewd this image is...anyways there are a few people who put up cropped images of extremely lewd things here, but, meh, he once saw photos of other leaders like Zorilla in a bikini.

Mary Jane Ross is an American rancher and Mayor of Recoil Ridge, a fairly small, rural town in the State of Kansas, Midwestern United States. Being a freedom-loving American woman, Mary is all for allowing civil liberties and freedoms to all Americans and believes the rights and freedoms of Americans should be protected no matter what. Mary holds no affiliation with either the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, believing the two political factions are full of “big crybabies, especially the Republicans when they were sobbing over Obama’s win back in '012.”. As a proud rancher living on a five hundred acre land, Mary spends most of her life attending to her cattle and crop fields and giving away half of her hard earned batch to her friends, families, and neighbours. In spite of her position as Mayor, she does not have any real experience in politics but regardless she decides what she believes it is good for the small town and enjoys the same privileges as both Mayor and a normal American townswoman. She goes by many names, one of them is Big Mama.

Mayor of Recoil Ridge

20 January, 2019 - Incumbent

Personal details

    Born: 8 February, 1999 (25)

    Gender: Female

    Name(s): "M.J.R"


    Mary Jane Ross

    Nationality: American

    Parents: Unknown

    Relatives: Unknown

    Spouse(s): None (single)

    Children: None

    Position(s): Mayor of Recoil Ridge

    Allegiance: Recoil Ridge

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 150 lbs