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Grand Timeline of the LCRUA

This timeline records all historical events of significant proportions within a period that begins with the founding of the first Arcadian civilization (0E) and ends with present day (5E).

Arcadian History

Old Era (0E) (Reference the roleplay "LCRUA International Relations")
Powers wielding wondrous applications of science engaged each other on an Arcadia covered with great cities and skyward towers. Every unit of land on the Arcadian soil is covered by the footprint of civilization. This is the zeroth era.

Year - Event
0E 0 - Start of Old Era
0E 1000 - Arcadian Trade Union formed.
0E 1002 - Ministerial-Etrian defensive pact.
0E 1002 - Malutia Lusia Cialty sets record for largest passenger plane, with 434 seats.
0E 1003 - Larnion gifts province of Rotaré to Krypton Nova.
0E 1004 - OSHAI founded.
0E 1004 - Yymea constructs "Iljiligaril" supercarrier.
0E 1005 - Tribal-Crescent war of aggression.
0E 1005 - Ministerial conquers Lapreynia tribes.
0E 1006 - Construction tunnels between Krypton Nova, Frangleterre and Linnuis started.
0E 1006 - Terrorist attacks in Politiania.
0E 1006 - Syadec-Franglish pact.
0E 1006 - Franglish-Tsardom war of conquest.
0E 1006 - Larnioni rogue mercenaries attack Nordlandt.
0E 1006 - Convicted Larnioni rogue mercenaries killed in police custody, Nordlandt.
0E 1006 - Tsardom surrenders to Frangleterre.
0E 1006 - Salomonistic "Red Shavis" terrorise Franglish-Tsardom demilitarized zone.
0E 1007 - Salomonistic States start construction Yaifing Canal.
0E 1008 - End of tribal wars.
0E 1008 - Ministerial re-militarisation and aggression threaten Crescent.
0E 1008 - ASON formed.
0E 1008 - Syadec-Etrian agreements.
0E 1008 - Assasination of Etrian prime minister in Syadei.
0E 1008 - Etrian revolution.
0E 1008 - Zussel annexed by Nordlandt.
0E 1009 - Pro-Franglish secession groups in city of Lansberg, Nordlandt.
0E 1010 - Nano-capacitors developed by Krypton Nova and Etrius.
0E 1010 - End of Ministerial threat.
0E 1010 - Syadei and Etrius develop "Cyclops" class supercarrier.
0E 1010 - Ladvanian-Novan agreements.
0E 1010 - Ministerali-Vektan military deal.
0E 1010 - Terrorist attack in Franglish colony.
0E 1011 - Construction canal between Neprau and Larnion started.
0E 1011 - Kamcha-Ministerial war of aggression.
0E 1012 - Artificial islands constructed by Salomonistic States in Frozen Sea.
0E 1012 - Large anomaly found in strait between Krypton Nova and Frangleterre.
0E 1012 - Salomonistic States claims most of Frozen Sea.
0E 1012 - Kamcha-Ministerial white peace.
0E 1016 - Neprauian-Larnioni canal finished.
0E 1019 - Yaifing canal finished.
0E 1020 - Salomonese-Novan tensions over Frozen Sea.
0E 1020 - Lount Noho disputes Nordländer sovereignty over Zussel.
0E 1020 - Novan-Franglish tunnel finished.
0E 1020 - Neprau-Catz treaties.
0E 1020 - Coup d'état and revolution in Franglish colony.
0E 1021 - Novan-Linnuan tunnel finished.
0E 1023 - Syadec-Salomonese tensions over Frozen Sea.
0E 1024 - Elections in Nordlandt.
0E 1024 - Rebellion in Theocretes.
0E 1024 - End of Zussel dispute.
0E 1025 - Novan general murdered.
0E 1025 - Political instability in Pamerity.
0E 1025 - Ladvanian-Palmerian war of annexation.
0E 1025 - Krypton Nova blockades own space port.
0E 1026 - Etrius launches planetary expedition.
0E 1026 - Ladvanian victory in Ladvanian-Palmerian war.
0E 1026 - Military coup and counter-coup insurgency in Krypton Nova.
0E 1026 - Riots in Poulton-with-Fearnhead
0E 1026 - International summit on Novan crisis.
0E 1026 - Elections in Poulton-with-Fearnhead
0E 1027 - Frozen Sea tensions escalate into war.
0E 1027 - Larnioni empress Cairoli Dexteosa assasinated by Novan extremists.
0E 1028 - Novan-Franglish war of species.
0E 1028 - Artemisian ship arrives in orbit of Arcadia.
0E 1028 - Etrian-Artemisian agreements.
0E 1029 - Etrian-Flufladian war of imperialism.
0E 1029 - Dormaint disputes Salomonistic control over Yaifing canal.
0E 1029 - Dormaint-Salomonistic war over Yaifing canal.
0E 1030 - Etrian victory in Etrian-Flufladian war.
0E 1030 - Salomonistic victory in Dormaint-Salomonistic war.
0E 1030 - Salomonistic-Etrian peace.
0E 1032 - End of the Frozen Sea conflict.
0E 1032 - End of Novan crisis.
0E 1033 - Cataclysm
0E 1034 - Exodus
0E 1034 - End of Old Era

The Cataclysm and Exodus
Zeroth Era, the year 1033. A great and unexpected catastrophe happens on the planet of Arcadia as a dormand supervolcano in the territory of the Lapreynia tribes erupts. Thousands of tonnes of ashes and smoke are spewn out into the athmosphere, and a long stream of lava flows trough the Atrian Empire into the sea. A long and dark volcanic winter ensued. This resulted in global famines in which large swathes of the populace starved. This event came to be known as the Cataclysm.

The few who could afford or manage it left the planet on any spaceship they could board in the Exodus. These spaceships sought their future in many different star systems close by and far away.

Erosian History

Prehistoric Era (1E)
The first civilizations of Erosia begin to take root in the world's rich lands, where they prospered in the discovery of primeval science and naive diplomacy in the first era.

1E 0 - Start of Prehistoric Era.
1E 10000 - End of Prehistoric Era.

Ancient Era (2E)
The great explosion of prosperous kingdoms and domains gradually transformed into mature nation states in the second era. The power of more advanced technology conceived the ideals of democracy, liberty and enlightenment.

2E 0 - Start of Ancient Era.
2E 2000 - End of Ancient Era.

Transitional Era (3E)
Medieval kingdoms and empires feud over ever-changing territory as they try to asset themselves as dominant powers in the third era.

3E 0 - Start of Transitional Era.
3E 1000 - End of Transitional Era.

Early-Modern Era (4E)
New inventions and ideologies arise all over the world in the fourth era. It is about to change dramatically.

4E 0 - Start of Early-Modern Era.
4E 268 - Arcadians landed on Erosia and nicknamed it "Arcadia Nova".
4E 300 - Cataclysm, end of Early-Modern Era.

Modern Era (5E)
The happenings of present day, after the Arcadians had evacuated. This is the fifth era.

5E 0 - Start of Modern Era.
5E 20 - Arcadians landed on Lubos
5E 25 - Fire in Zaila City