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by The North Korean Founder of THE DEFENDER ALLIANCE. . 596 reads.

North Korea's new Constitution 2019


ARTICLE 1 - Name and Purpose;

a) - The name of our region is North Korea, named after the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Our purpose is to;

b) - Represent the real, socialist DPRK, government, people and culture on Nationstates as well as provide a home to revolutionary socialist nations

c) - Raise the revolutionary class consciousness of the game’s players towards socialist revolution and to lay Marxist criticism's of the DPRK's government policies as well as celebrate its victories.

ARTICLE 2 - Flag / Emblem

a) - The region’s flag is the flag of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The Flag ofthe DPRK was adopted on September 8, 1948, as the national flag and ensign.

The DPRK’s flag is composed of a blue stripe on the top and bottom of the flag. In the centre is a red stripe with a narrow white band across the top and bottom. On the hoist (left) side of the flag is a white disk with a red star in the centre of the disk.

Red stands for the principles of revolt, communism, and revolutionary patriotism. Blue is symbolic of sovereignty, peace and friendship. White is a traditional colour for Korea and stands for the purity and culture of the DPRK's people.

ARTICLE 3 – Citizenship

a) - North Korea welcomes all comrade nations and stresses a preference for "state socialist", or Leninist nations in particular.

b) - “Citizens” are those who stand up and take involvement in the region’s progress, volunteer for leadership and help to advance the needs of the revolution on Nationstates .

c) - Active nations only are allowed privileges of “Citizenship”. Nations should be active at least once a week and be in open or private discussion with other comrades to be afforded the rights of citizenship.

d) - 12 or more of the most active and influential nations are chosen to become "Armed Citizens". Armed Citizens have: Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassy and Poll administration powers

ARTICLE 4 - Rights and Duties of Citizens

a) - All citizens of North Korea have the right and opportunity to advance to leading roles within the region and to help forge its future.

b) - All citizens of North Korea have the right to object to all regional decisions and have their objection be examined by the regional masses. However, the region runs on the rules of democratic centralism and once an objection is either embraced or rejected, all comrades are expected to participate in the ruling of the democracy of the region.

c) - Citizens must work hard to achieve and maintain a socialist label in North Korea.


a) North Korea functions on region-wide democratic centralism, which means "democracy in discussion, unity in action" or a 'people's democratic dictatorship'.

b) The founder shall act as a mediator and administrator to the nations of North Korea, and has the ability to intervene in regional policy-making for the purposes of security, inactivity, and diversion from revolutionary socialist objectives.

c) All nations of North Korea new and old are free to participate in the people's democratic dictatorship. Everyone is responsible for the activity and direction of the region. Comrades must work hard in educating the masses and actively pursue a revolutionary political path for the region in its growth and development.

d) - The region's internal security measures are the responsibility of the Armed Citizens and founder in cooperation - who may eject any nation who poses a threat or exhibits reactionary attitudes of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, cisism or any other form of oppressive language.


a) - The "KPA" or Korean Peoples Army are the combined armed forces of North Korea.

b) - Citizens who wish to fight in the KPA must have a pristine political background, be active on Nationstates at least once a week and show a passion for protecting the region.

(c) - The KPA is an independent and sovereign entity both from North Korea and any inter-regional alliances and retains the right to complete autonomy in its own leadership and direction, tactics and action.

ARTICLE 7 - Foreign Policy

a) - North Korea only holds embassies and peaceful, friendly relations with other "antifascist", "serious", "democratic" and or "socialist"/"communist" regions.

b) - North Korea is always in a state of war with anti-democratic, oppressor regions, imperialist satellites, fascist and reactionary hellholes. Regions associated with capitalism and neo-liberalism are also targeted, especially when engaged in anti-communist activities, counter-revolutionary actions and holding reactionary embassies.

ARTICLE 8 - Politics

a) North Korea is a Marxist-Leninist region, we follow "scientific socialism", that is dialectical materialism.

b) - We support the struggles of all oppressed nations and peoples for independence and sovereignty.

c) - Citizen nations as well as visitors who intend to stay for any length of time must encourage the development of state socialism within their nation.

d) - Citizens and visitors must also respect the constitutional laws of North Korea. North Korea is not a bourgeois free speech region, oppressive language and attacks on the oppressed and exploited under capitalism will not be tolerated (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, cisism or any other form of oppressive language will not be tolerated)