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Annette II z Třebíč, Queen of Bohemia

Annette II z Třebíč

The Queen of
The Kingdom of Bohemia

Her Royal Majesty

Annette the Second

A portrait of Her Majesty

Queen of the Kingdom of Bohemia
4th Queen of Bohemia


Her Royal Majesty


Aug. 17, 2026 – Present (1 Year)


Sept. 2, 2026


Andrej z Třebíč

Prime Minister

Tadeáš Rušil


Feb. 12, 2000(a.27)





Full Name

Annette Elizabeth Mary


z Třebíč


Andrej z Třebíč


Mary MacArthur




Imperial College London (Politics degree)


Roman Catholc


Military Service


Kingdom of Bohemia

Service Branch

British Army
Bohemian Royal Army


21st Royal Bohemian Hussars

Years of Service

2018 – 2026





Disclaimer – This factbook is currently work-in-progress

Annette the Second is the current ruling Monarch of Bohemia and is currently aided by her Father, the former King Andrej, who currently suffers from terminal cancer that he deemed severe enough that he abdicated the throne to his Daughter. Before she would accede to the throne Annette was part of the Royal Bohemian Army and trained as an Officer, attaining the rank of Kapitán (Captain) before having to take up the role as Queen of Bohemia. Her reign has only just begun, not even ruling for a full year yet but she has shown promise that has left many of her fellow Nobles impressed and assuaged their fears of her comparatively young age being a disadvantage. She has also managed to secure a close friendship with the current British Monarch, King Adam, from their days as University students as they had both enrolled at Imperial College London where Annette would receive her degree in politics and spend three years training as an officer in the British Army before returning to Bohemia and joining the Royal Bohemian Army as an Officer, impressing her comrades and superiors through sheer dedication and force of will with her strong work ethic and shrewd ability to garner the respect of others, superior and subordinate alike. This, along with her prior training, would allow her to catapult herself to the rank of Poručík (Second Lieutenant) and eventually go through her time as a Nadporučík (Lieutenant) before finally reaching the rank of Kapitán where she would remain within the 21st Royal Bohemian Hussars until she would accede the throne after her fathers abdication.

With her now sat upon the Bohemian throne she has carried on with her dedication to her duties from her time as an Officer, managing to assure the nobility that she is a capable Monarch despite her age. Some would also say that she is a workaholic as she immerses herself in her duties as Queen of Bohemia which has resulted in her having a large presence within the government, much to the joy of the BCP who openly and vocally support her in their campaigns to place her in complete control of the Kingdom. Despite this the Queen does support Democracy, albeit reluctantly, due to the fact that despite her personal desires and beliefs she sees Democracy as a necessity in the current era even if she personally and privately believes Democracy will be the downfall of Bohemia.











Early Life






  • Economic Policy
    Annette II has maintained a mixed economy that leans towards Capitalism. The Bohemian economy is mostly free but the Queen or Prime Minister is capable of intervening in order to prevent corrupt practices being used as well as preventing or dismantling monopolies. The Queen also ensures that there is a State presence in the economy outside of ordinary governmental affairs.

  • Education Policy
    Annette II ensures that Education is a free right to all citizens of Bohemia up until College. However, if someone is a part of an active military family (I.E. Their mother or father is serving in the military) or plans to join the military then they are given free tuition in college. Universities are also publicly funded but require tuition fees to enter.

  • Social Policy
    As her father before her, Annette II maintains equal rights for both Men and Women as well as permitting gay marriage. However, she also permits churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship to refuse the marriage of people they do not want to accept. Additionally, Transexuals are tolerated but are also classified as mentally ill with gender transition surgeries not being permitted within Bohemia. Free speech is also maintained under the Empire, with all forms of speech being a protected right.

  • Military Policy
    With Bohemia being landlocked, surrounded by warring parties in the First Great War, forced to push back the Trotskyist menace in the Second Great War and then practically surrounded by hostile states during the Cold War the Kingdom of Bohemia has maintained a well funded and well trained army and air force. Currently the Bohemian military is focused on its air forces with the Queens current doctrine being labelled as the 'Zatažený' or 'Overcast' doctrine.

For & Against (Most Notable)

  • For: Authoritarianism, Monarchism, Mixed-Economy, Meritocracy, Hierarchy, God's mandate, Conservatism

  • Neutral: Interventionism, Secularism, Imperialism, Indirect Democracy

  • Against: Direct Democracy, Corruption, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Globalism, Libertarianism, Atheism, Totalitarianism

Titles & Honors

Main Article: List of all titles & honors of Annette II


Her Highness, Princess Annette of Bohemia | Feb. 13, 2000– Mar. 11, 2005.
Her Royal Highness, Princess Annette of Bohemia| Mar. 11, 2005– Oct. 16, 2019
Her Crown Highness, Crown Prince Annette| Oct. 16, 2019– Sept. 2, 2026
Her Royal Majesty, The Queen | Sept. 2, 2026– Present


National (Preview)

, Bohemia, "Sovereign" of the Order of the White Mountain


Foreign (Preview)

, Great Britain, "Stranger Lady" of the Order of the Garter

, Riga, "Dame" of the Sovereign Military Order of Riga


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  • Annette II was born on the same day that Annette I died.

  • The Queen, unlike most constitutional Monarchs, takes an active interest and role in the politics of the realm.

  • She and her Prime Minister are considered to be very close friends with the Prime Minister aligning with her on most issues.

  • The Queen is a Polyglot as she is fluent in English, German, Polish, Russian and Slovakian in addition to her native language of Bohemian.

  • Annette II's reserved and cold disposition is a combination of her workaholism, stress from her duties and a coping mechanism that has developed due to her fathers deteriorating health.