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RHINE MEDIA: Interview With Flame1

Rhine media: Thank you for doing an interview with us.

Flame1: Your welcome, happy to do it!

Rhine media: You were recently ban-jected from your former region Lezra, would you like to explain to us what happened there?

Flame1: Yes I would, they said they said I was god modding and swearing. First, I do admit to god modding a little and I regret going to Lezra because almost everyone there is toxic. Let me explain, they were saying I was but, they where none of them knew how to roleplay the only people who knew what they were doing was BFL and Ivorica, my two close friends!

Rhine media: Do you have anyone you would like to apologize to in Lezra?

Flame1: Yes my good friend Tetros, I should not have used him in the way I did. That's all!

Rhine media: I have an off topic question, what was the reason you left RHINIA in the first place?

Flame1: I just felt like It was time for a change of scenery I regret leaving rhinia and going to Lezra

Rhine media: What are your thoughts on Actias' declaration that he will not seek a third term as Prime Minister of RHINIA?

Flame1: me and Actias used to be really close friends I don`t really think I have nothing to say on this topic, Idk what his political views are.

Rhine media: What do you think of our new proposition: a RHINIAN Cards Against Humanity server or Cards Against NationStates, and which are you more likely to join?

Flame1: I will join!

Rhine media: Any Final Comments?

Flame1: Yes I am announcing a 2nd run at Prime Minister as a democratic socialist.

I am making A fact book on my campaign now!

Rhine media: Thank you very much, until next time!

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