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GD Corp - The future belongs to us!

[b]GD Corp - The future belongs to us![/b]
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[size=200][b]GD CORP - BY THE FUTURE, FOR THE FUTURE.[/b][/size]
GD Corp is a company dedicated to the advancement and progress of society through means of technological, biological, experimental, and overall scientific means. For over a century, we have provided the world with technology that has helped the world become a better and more wonderful place.

Since its foundation, GD Corp has expanded to be a global (and soon to be) interstellar force, welcoming people of all kinds with open arms into its creative and determined workforce. Our company has a voice on the world stage, and we have power unlike our ancestors have ever seen, which we are willing to share if you join our quest to make our lives more awesome.

GD Corp was founded in 2023 as the GD Science Company in what is now Triangrad, Hedelia by GD and Triangle Triangulum originally based on chemistry and biology, but would effectively become based on science and technology immediately after. The GDSC begun work on creating synthetic beings as a side-project of their larger project to make recovery centers less costly in 2031. This venture had caught the attention of numerous medical institutions and companies throughout Hedelia, which funded the work of the GDSC. This funding led to the acceleration of the program, which had a planned date of success by the mid-2050's, to just a few years. 

The GDSC successfully created their first synthetic being in 2036. Although the being only lasted for a few minutes before death, it was enough to catch the attention of the Hedelian government. When the news our breakthrough in synthetic beings came out, the Hedelian government gave us massive funding as well as their top scientists to continue our work to make Hedelia a technological superpower. Our work was soon found by the other Hedelic nations and we soon became extremely popular among them. With our newfound wealth, we expanded our reach to all forms of science and technology, making a prototype of something for nearly every field we could learn about. We also became a fully-fledged corporation, and we became GD Corp for real.

GD Corps next massive breakthrough would be in the 2070's. The world by then had dwindling resources, and war was starting to break out once more for control of these resources. The Hedelian government immediately requested GD Corp to begin developing any sort of technology that could potentially let Hedelia outlive the conflict. Triangle would immediately come up with the idea of the Atomic Fabricator, which would be able to modify individual atoms to form any element the user wanted. Almost all work was put into the Atomic Fabricator as it became the top priority for both GD Corp and Hedelia. The Atomic Fabricator was finally working by 2078 following many years of testing, and in a world where resources were dwindling, this became a lifesaver for struggling nations. We were given literal trillions to share our atomic manipulation technology, and from there the company thrived. GD Corp immediately became the richest company in the world due to the funds given and would immediately spend it on new research and development. Our number of employees skyrocketed as more people wanted to unleash their creativity, and a monument to our greatness was built in the form of our headquarters right in the middle of Neonia, which became the tallest structure in the world for many years.

With our technological prowess literally unmatched by anyone else in the world, they didn't dare to stop us. Our voice in the world went political as we became a political party in Hedelia, gaining a majority in our first election, and only cementing our dominance in further elections. Branches of our party grew to Scientificum and Nordenstoniya, gaining majorities there as well. With our incredibly massive support, no one stood a chance. We held all the seats in the Hedelian government by the 2100's, and we made radical reforms to make our company the main branch of government. It was initially controversial, but as we continued to feed them one scientific wonder right after another, they quickly realized that it was for the best.

[b][size=150]IMPORTANT EMPLOYEES[/size][/b]
[b]GD Corp High Council[/b]
[size=75][i]From left to right: Neon Geoglowitius, CPU Tehniline, Triangle Triangulum, Lithium Eyon, AntiTriangle Triangulum[/i][/size]

The GD Corp High Council are the top leaders of the company. Everything goes through them before it goes anywhere. The fact that they haven't gone corrupt and ruled the world with an iron fist is a wonder given that they very much have the capability to do so. They lead both the company and their lands with fair rule, allowing the world to flourish without a constant eye looking over them. Just please don't ever talk about their surnames.

[size=50]arranged in order of relevancy[/size]

[b]Neon Geoglowitius[/b] - The current CEO of GD Corp. The Director of Political Affairs and Corporate Director (essentially the leader) of Scientificum. One of the first and most loved synthetic beings. While he has many roles to play, he mainly enjoys living life without all the titles weighing him down. He is mainly seen around and outside the GD Corp Complex, having fun with people and just generally being happy and cheerful.
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[b]Triangle Triangulum[/b] - Former CEO of GD Corp. The Director of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Director of Hedelia. Unlike Neon, Triangle is more focused on sustaining the company and preventing it from collapsing into a billion others, keeping a serious look in both public and private. As much as he wants to be seen as serious, however, he immediately does a full 180 as soon as he steps onto any laboratory.
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[b]CPU Tehniline[/b] - Director of Technological Development and Corporate Director of Nordenstoniya. A synthetic being manufactured from the Nordenstoniyan Division, she helped really put Nordenstoniyas name on both the real and virtual worlds. She was recruited into High Council due to her incredibly large popularity within the internet [strike]which was largely gained by slightly unconventional manners[/strike].

[b]Lithium Eyon[/b] - Director of Employee Management. While not quite as famous as CPU, he is rather out there. His positive energy (wording CERTAINLY on purpose) has allowed him to become both a popular internet celebrity and a role model for the companys employees to look up to. He is most well known for being the lead supporter for a proposal to include ball pits and bouncy castles to every GD Corp Employee Building. And it passed.

[b]AntiTriangle Triangulum[/b] - Director of Military Production and Supervision. Imagine Triangle but a lot worse, because that's what he is. For a company that has such a massive role in the world, it needs to have a means of defense, and someone who leads the defense. He is the one who was given that role. His main purpose is to just monitor the entire world just in case anything threatens the world [strike]in order to make up for how much of a disappointment he is[/strike].

[b]GD Corp Lower Council[/b]
Even the best of the best cannot work alone. The Lower Council, while not as famous as the High Council, is still responsible for a lot of things within the company. While all of them are relevant, only some of them have images of varying quality. And even less have actual cringy surnames. Both are a work in progress.

[b]Triangely Triangulum[/b] - Director of Biological Development, and Triangles brother. He got his legs chopped off and replaced with hovering machines just for the sake of science, and it worked out quite well. Because of it, he was moved up to oversee everything to do with modifying living things for any reason. Even killing them.

[b]Key[/b] - Director of Military Training. Originally seen as a mistake in GD Corps eyes, he was immediately brought back into the fold after realizing that mean guys make for great trainers. He mostly spends his time yelling at new recruits like any generic person of his occuption, and telling them to do five hundred. Because of course.

[b]Cosmy[/b] - Director of Space Exploration and Research. Due to reasons that still aren't given by GD Corp, Cosmy became a thing quite recently. But when his purpose suddenly stopped becoming relevant for the company, he was left to do his thing for a while. But recently he became in charge of all things that happen in space. He generally doesn't wanna talk about anything, particularly his past.

There are a lot more members of the Lower Council, but I just really don't wanna type more text right now. Maybe later.[/color][/background-block][/center]

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