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RP rules and advice

[b]1:Godmodig is forbidden, by doing RP in the RMB you must have at least a minimum of seriousness, do RP intelligently.
 No spamming, flaming, name calling, or baiting.
 RP posts are the equivalent of your nation speaking, keep the posts official and mature.

2:When declaring a war the party that is attacked must agree with the war, otherwise the war will be annulled.
Wars must be declared under some sort of pretense (i.e. there must be a legitamate, sensible reason) 

3:Every day IRL will be a half month in the RP 

4:You can only have one nation in the RP, if you change the country in the PR you must inform it.

5:There is freedom of races, your country can have other races that are not human, this will not give you advantages in RP.

6:2030 technology is owned

7:In case you go to war you should know that it will not be easy for your country to maintain a war, for what you will suffer economically, morality will also affect you, and in many other factors as well. so think things through if you want to have a war.

8:The magic is accepted but in small amount and it will not make much difference in the wars.

9:It is recommended that you be on the map before doing RP

10:do not exaggerate with the size of your army. The bigger your army is, the more it will cost to maintain it.                                                    

11:The official RP must be done in the RMB. 

12:we do not use NS statistics


The Empire of RegiisCarmina