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Our role play backstory, how to RP, and the rules

The Moderate Alliance is a cross multiverse Alliance of nation's from different Earth's.

The multiverse was descoverd by Christian Confederation scientists led by DR. Lee Corbett, Son of President Corbett.

The members are all highly advanced, which is why they are able to meet. Cross multiverse transport is common and part of daily life.

The nation's leaders meet at The Moderate Alliance HQ in Confederate City Christian Confederation.

If your confused it's like this

How to RP.
1.have a list of your characters and there relationships, if you're nation is fleshed out this should work out just fine.
2. Don't keep track of relationships and friendships you start in the RP, it will get Confusing let the RMB do that for you.
3.only write down major events like wars, romances, love triangles, Major Friendships.. etc.
4. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Christian Confederation or our RP moderater/ record keeper South ccanda

Da Rules
1. You may swear only if it makes the RP better
2. Keep it PG-13
3.dont but in to another person's conversation, just announce that your carecter has entered and kindly ask to join a conversation.

Now get out there and have fun.