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The Texas Defense Forces FAQ

Texas Defense Forces  

What is the Texas Defense Forces?
It is an elite group of Texas nations that are in the Texas military branch.  The TDF is a purely defensive force.  It is primarily for the defense of Texas.  However, at times, the TDF will be called upon to defend regions that are either under the threat of invasion, are being invaded or have been invaded.  Texas is an anti-invader region.

Why does Texas do this?
Texas is a large, powerful region with many resources.  One of these resources is a large military that desires to not only protect Texas but to help preserve freedom of other regions to have their ideals free of oppression from invaders.

Is Texas a member of any known Defender groups (TITO, ADN, etc.)?
No, Texas is currently unaligned with any formal defender groups.  At times, Texas assists or friends in TITO (1000 Islands Treaty Organization) and various other defense forces around The World.  Several of the regions Texas is friendly with or has alliances with are members of such organizations however and we will strive to assist them on a case by case basis.

How do I join the Texas Defense Forces?
Post on the Texas Defense Forces thread on the offsite forum or contact the Texas Secretary of Defense (currently Indian Empire) or the Governor by telegram on NationStates, or by Personal Message or email on the offsite board.  TDF members do not need to be registered on the forum.  Deployments are generally done by telegram on NationStates to ensure security.  Sometimes it is via the Texas Discord server.

Are there any requirements?
Yes, TDF Members must be members of the World Assembly.  A willingness to do this and to represent Texas is also required.  There will be overnight stays in faraway regions.  You will lose all your endorsements in Texas frequently (we will encourage Texans to replace them upon your return).  You will also have to spend some time re-endorsing other Texans.  Additionally, you must be a WA resident of Texas for 30 days to establish residency and be able to sign-up for service.  While not on missions, TDF forces will be expected to endorse the Delegate as a part of Homeland Security.

Will this position lead to other positions?  
At the moment, there are no formal commands available.  The ranking "officers" are the General of the Army, Secretary of Defense, and The Commander in Chief (President). Nations which have been participated in several missions get promoted but have no formal commands.

What are medals and how do I get them?
Texas medals are decorations earned for participating in any mission or routine. All TDF members that participate are awarded a mission medal to add to their "collection".

What if I have more questions?
See the Texas Defense Forces forum for some additional information or post your question here on this topic so everyone can benefit from the answer.  If the answer is not confidential, then it will be answered here.  Otherwise, we will post the answer in the secure Texas Defense Forces forum.

Go Texas Defense Forces !!!


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